Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Sadie’s Dance and Her Firsts

The Sadie’s Dance was cancelled due to the growing cases of Omicron and few numbers of sign up but the kids have already picked out their outfits so they had a get together to make up for the lost fun.  

Our daughter is definitely growing into a woman.  She had her very first date on March 5th with this guy who is taking her to the prom.  Since, they don't really talk much in school, they need to get to know each other before the dance to break the awkwardness.  It's an exciting phase of her life so we find it funny seeing her giddy when she talks.  Hubby and I trust our daughter so we didn't see the need for a chaperone on her first date.  Anyway, they were suppose to go bowling in our area but the one they planned to go to was close and the one in downtown has an hour wait so they drove to Toronto and bowled there instead.

Last Sunday, March 6th, we went to the Cathedral of St. Joseph and attended a collaborated reflection event by the catholic schools in the Upper Ohio Valley.  It was nice watching  the young generation come together through praise and songs.

Food and drinks were served after the event.
We actually went there thinking it was just a regular mass where our daughter has to read petition but it was actually more like a play.  
I'm glad our daughter is not afraid to volunteer in this kind of activities because we get to experience it too.
A lot of things have happened but never get to jot it down.  Our daughter started working a part time job at a fast food chain on February 23rd.  She missed to watch her brother's  city championship basketball game but she was excited to work for her very first job experience.  
My husband was against her working but I think she needs to experience this.  It's the only way she'll get a full understanding of real life situation by experiencing it first hand.  I mean, I put myself through high school and college by being a working student and it taught me a lot.
She's still have a long way to go but I hope that she will be able to find a career path that would make her happy and stable. 

She's a pressure player so she does well when she's super busy.  Now that volleyball season is over, she coaches the little kids volleyball team at St. Joseph.  she's also tutoring a Korean student online.  I am so proud of a young lady she is becoming.  She knows her priorities and she's super goal oriented.

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