Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raging Rapids at Kennywood

I remember this kind of ride  when we  went to Disney World  in Florida some years ago and  to Sea World  in San Antonio last year.  I get the same luck every time, being soaked ha ha ha!  I don't mind though because I get to ride with my friends.  
I just wish we do not have to fall in line he he he.
But it is worth the wait.  Can you tell me and my friends are having so much fun?
I was very glad that  even though  me and my friends did not plan to see each othere in Kennywood, we found each other!
This is Mr. and Mrs. Velegol, my friend's parent who took us to the Raging Rapids ride.
Mommy  just want to take pictures all the time so she did not go.  I think part of it is because she did not  want to get wet and she hates  the speed of any rides.  She went with us in Disney World though and it was so much fun!
It's funny, Mrs. Velegol brought a raincoat.  She wants to ride but she did not want to get wet.  Maybe I should buy one of those for Mom next time  ha ha ha.
I love this photo that Mommy took from afar although you can not see  us but the smiles on  my friend's parents is beautiful!!
My brother is lucky because he did not get dumped on with water, I was.  Look how soaked I was in the last photo...
I will definitely love to go on this ride again next time but next time, I will be prepared, I will wear my swim suit so I can change after the ride.

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