Thursday, November 13, 2014

Minion Party Kit for my Son's Birthday

My son's birthday falls on  school days so ever since he started going to school, we always  celebrate it in school with his classmates.  He asked us  if he could have a party for his 8th birthday and  hubby is considering it. I am excited that I got this Minion party kit because  this is a good  birthday theme for him as both of my kids love the movie,  Despicable Me .  The Minion Kit party  include streamers, candles, cutlery sets, plates, beverage and napkins, cups, straws, decorating kit, table cover, balloon, ribbon, banner, and hats.

These straws are super cute.  It has 24 straws in a pack which is perfect for the number of my son's classmates and friends.
I would have to buy  additional cups because one pack only has 8 cups in it.
An additional pack of hats  is also needed because there is only 8 of them in a pack and it is not enough for the number of his classmates and friends.  Luckily, I have a code to use  to enjoy a 10% discount.
There's two of this minion foil balloon.  A birthday is not complete without balloons, right?
I love this turquoise and orange crepe streamers.  You can definitely decorate a whole room with these.
There  are two set of napkins in a kit, you get the beverage napkin and the lunch napkins.  When you are serving  food for  kids, napkins  is a must have.
There are two set of plates as well, one is 7' and another is 9".  Each set has 8 plates.
The bright yellow cutlery set includes 8 forks, 8 spoons, and 8 knives.
I love that the kit includes a whole set of decorations which  would really accentuate the whole minion theme.
My son wanted to blow up this  18' foil balloon already but I told him to wait till the party lol.
The table cover  is great to have especially if we are going to serve the snack in school.  It would keep the mess off the table.  
The Mini-on kit also include a roll of orange  solid curling ribbon.
The Despicable Me jointed banner would be so cool to use to  complete the  Despicable Me Decorations.  All I have to do is to order the cake and I can  stick  the candles in it and we are good to go.  

I can't believe how time flies.  My son is turning 8 yeas old already in a couple of months. I am just glad that I have the opportunity to spend my time with them.  I am grateful to my husband that he supports me being a stay at home mom and he doesn't  mind that  I am stay at home mom.  Soon, my kids will be grown up and that's when the time that I will branch out.  For now, I want to focus my time  for them and my husband.

Update 1/15/1015 - today my son turned 8.  I started decorating  although the party won't be  till this Saturday.  

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