Saturday, December 26, 2015

Good News of Great Joy: A Christmas Pageant

What  great joy to see  a children's presentation depicting the birth of Jesus.  St. Joseph church this this  Christmas pageant every year.  Selected students at St. Joseph School performs  it beautifully every time.  It's always uplifting to see  our kids participate in this  event.
 The pageant  comes before the mass.
 When my daughter was in first and second grade, she was one of the angels.  Starting last year, she  joined the bell choir of the school.  
 EJ was part of the  crew this year,  He is the chief shepherd.
 The bell choir of the fifth graders.
 The play was being described through narration and songs.
 It is beautiful to watch.
 Every cast member of the play  did their part really well.
 The choir sung so beautifully and play their instruments really well.
 The final song was fun.  The choir sung an action song where they dance and do stuff.
 My son's class who participated during the play.
 My daughter's besties.
 I took pictures of the kids after the mass.
  I am glad that my son's fear is now disappearing.  He used to be so nervous when he is part of a play but now he is more  comfortable with it.
 Wish my husband did not go to the car yet so we could have taken some photos with him and the kids.
This year was a really good year for us especially for the kids.  The kids didn't really got sick compared to the previous years.  I am very thankful for that.  I hope that 2016 will be a great for all of us!

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