Monday, January 30, 2012


 Hello everyone, it is me again, Ms. Burrito.  These photos were taken last year.  Before Christmas,  my brother and I counted   the money we have saved from our piggy bank, then  Mom and Dad accompanied us in the mall.  Me and my brother wanted to give  something for our parents.  We bought Dad some sleepwear, most of it has smiley face design and we always giggles when he wears it hehehe.
Here's my brother busy counting  the coins he had in his piggy.  For a year, I think we have saved over  one hundred dollars each including the Christmas and birthday   money that  our  Pap gave us.  Mom insisted  that we saved it instead of buying toys because we already have so many toys at home.
It is nice to save  because you will have something to buy  the things that you want on especial occasion.  Below was taken as we were counting the minutes before the start of the new year.
My Mom and Dad always tells us not to forget  to count and thank God for the blessings that we received.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Journey in Parenting

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Meeting a Baby’s Needs
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Reducing Parenting Stress
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Asking Lending Questions
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Many parents are strapped for cash and it’s a situation that shouldn’t cause embarrassment. Rather, if you lack the money needed to care for your newborn, begin researching the financial options available to help you handle these difficult times. By doing what’s necessary to provide for your child’s needs, you’ll be a better parent and will be more able to focus on the joys of raising children.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Trampoline Fun

We had a good bit of snow fall last weekend and the Burritos took  the opportunity to go out and play. They chased each other at the backyard first and then they decided to  jump in the trampoline with snow in it of course.
I was freezing  but I went out with them for a while until I couldn't take it anymore.  Even if I am bundled up, I still get so cold easy.  Champ stayed with the kids the whole time they were there.
When they came in, we prepared some grilled cheese and hot coco for them.  They had a blast with their outdoor  activity that day!  Warm or cold, that's the  image of happiness  at our  home.

Best Day Ever

It's weekend yay! I like weekends because I get to write one article in my blog, thanks Mommy!  

During the Martin Luther King's day, we did not have classes which gave  me and my best friend Amber some time to bond for the last time before they move .  We met at the mall, there is this place called Giggles and Smiles and that was me and my brother's first time there.
My Mom is very strict when it comes to video arcade, she doesn't let us play there but on this particular day, she let us  enjoy some of it.  I think she wanted us to have fun, love you Mom!
We ate at Eat'n Park afterwards.  When we came home, we played with our dog Champ.
We had a blast and that was the best day ever with my best friend and brother.  Thanks to my Mom and Dad for making our day so special.  I miss my friend terribly.  Good thing I ca call her on the phone.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bucket of Hershey Chocolates

 My daughter (Ms. Burrito) was browsing and reading her blog last Friday night and she looked for the pictures  that I took when she arrived from her Christmas party last year.  I actually forgot to write  about it so I promised that I will do it this week.
 I am glad that  Mr. Burrito is starting to have  a confidence of going to school ever since I started teaching him at home.  He wants to be involved in  everything that his sister does now.  
 Ms. Burrito won a prize during their party, she said that they had a guessing game and she took home a  bucket  of Hershey chocolates which her brother really loved!  She also made some  Christmas ornaments.
The head of school room Mom made this snow globe and  gave each  student one with their solo picture on the  other side  and class picture on the other.  Ain't that neat?  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Friend Forever

My BFF Amber is transferring to another school because they are moving to Pennsylvania. It is really sad to know that one of my friends is leaving my school again. Two of my very good friends during kindergarten has transferred to St. Paul this school year which made me very sad too.

We had a small  party  at our classroom today for Amber.  I am glad that I was able to  be with her  for two extra days during our school days off.  She came to my brother's birthday party and then we  went to the mall last Monday.  I will miss you my BFF!
The necklace  is a Christmas present that I received from her.  Thank you, I will treasure this forever.  I have two BFFs now that gave me  pink necklace.  My BFF Akesha lives  faraway from us and now my BFF Amber is also moving away.
My Mom took this picture of me and Amber  before the two of us said our  goodbyes and gave each other a hug.  I am sad that both of my BFF  lives far from me but I am happy that I met and spent time with them.  I hope that someday, we could still see each other.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angel's Marching

 On All Saint's Day, the kindergarten and First graders  at SJS  has to wear a costume either as a Saint or an Angel. When Ms. Burrito was in kindergarten, she chose to be a St. Agnes while this year, she preferred to be an Angel.  Below are  the photos of the Angels marching towards the Altar.
 I bought this outfit online, she really love it.  Too bad, she only wore it twice.
 The priest at our church is very nice.  Every  occasion, he gives us parents, the chance to take pictures of the kids after the  ceremony or celebration.
 Ms. Burrito might be the shortest and smallest among the  the first graders but for us she is big and tall as she can face the crowd without fear.  She is way better than me lol.
The proud Daddy with  the Burritos and Bumble Bee, our friends' daughter.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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