Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Ten"th BIrthday Theme

Oh boy, where did time go.  These photos were taken last June  but I just now had the time to  post it.  If you think I have  lots of time because I work at home, you're wrong!  Time just fly by so fast that  the moment I sit in front of my computer to work online,  it's time to get up again and  get the kids from school.  However, I am not complaining because I am still super blessed that I get to work at home and take care of my kids.  
 Anyway, this was the birthday party of one of my daughter's  friends .  They invited us to celebrate  her friend's  "ten"th birthday celebration.  I thought that was a a cool theme "ten"th.  They set up a camping type of setting in their backyard.
 Later on, they had a friendly competition at the pool which every kids, especially my son, loved!
 It's funny to watch Rye Bean row because  she didn't have any  experience in rowing.  She was just laughing.
 We don't really attend parties  but with this family, we are not hesitant to go because they are the most down to earth people we know here in the area.
Lots of splishin and splashin in the water.  Can't  control the fun, the energy was super  high and everybody hasd a great time.  This is the first time that  Rye Ben  had the courage to  swim in the deep end. She learned how tp  swim  because everyone in her friends  knows how so she challenged herself and overcame her fear of water.

 Don't feed the Bear!
The hard part of  this type of party is getting the kids out of the pool.  They keep bargaining to stay a little bit longer lol.  Nevertheless, we had so much fun!

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