Thursday, June 27, 2013

San Antonio Texas at the Dias Family's Residence

Two years ago, my family and the Dias family met in Disney World.  I met Dhemz through blogging when I was  just starting to blog back when we were still in South Korea.  We decided to met together with our families in Disney World.  Our children  got along so well so the friendship continue on.  This year, we decided to visit their  state so we could be together again and have fun.  I will let the photos below talk how much fun  they had  on the first day we arrived in San Antonio.
Their dog Buddy is the most behave dog ever.  He smiles in front of the camera as well.  The kids had so much fun playing wii fit.
Thank you so much  Dias Family for  the warm welcome, for opening your home to us, and for the wonderful  birthday party you guys   prepared for me!  

Great Gifts for Elementary School Kids

When kids are at the elementary school age, they unanimously love receiving presents and gifts. Whether you're a parent, other relative or even an elementary school teacher, giving a gift that won't be forgotten after five minutes or that doesn't trap them in front of a TV can be a pretty tall order. Here are some playful - and useful - ideas for gifting the little ones in your life. 

Personalized Items 

Kids tend to be inherently proud of who they are, and personalized gifts, like Stuck on You Labels or pencils with their names on them, are great because kids love seeing their names on things, and the items themselves are usually quite useful. Think about what the child you're buying for is interested in; a book reader might appreciate rubber stamps featuring their first and last name for stamping inside the front cover, and a little soccer player will find functionality in a personalized reusable water bottle. 


Puzzles are a great way to engage young minds in some serious brain activity. Not only do they give kids the ultimate satisfaction once the picture is complete, the process is usually a quiet one that keeps them engrossed (and not spilling, screaming or poking each other). Plus, puzzles can be inexpensive enough to purchase for large groups, making them good party favors. 
Coupon Books 

Coupon books are simple to construct from any colorful paper you might have around the house, and the contents are always sure to delight. The coupons within can differ depending on the relationship of the giver, but some good ideas include a "Free Chore Pass," "Free Homework Pass," "Good for One Afternoon at the Movie of Your Choice" or "Your Favorite Homemade Dinner/Dessert." Gifts for young people should be fun, but adding a dimension of creativity and functionality is a smart move that both child and parent can appreciate.

LEGO games for Kids Education

Whether a person is based from New York, TX, Richardson, CA or Los Angeles, he or she has then knowledge of the LEGOS to be the favorite toy for children of every age, especially in the holiday season. It is however difficult to decide for purchasing the right kind of toys. As there are various types of games and toys for the children to select from, it is hard to buy such in the present economy, especially in the Christmas season. Although a person already has the knowledge regarding battle among purchasing old school toys like LEGOS vs. technology based toys like video games. There is however certain positive and negative impacts for purchasing the building block toys like LEGOS for grandchildren or kids.
Positive impacts of LEGO sets
Varity of character – With the varieties in character, a person can select the sets of LEGOS from an expanded category. There are many character based toys for selecting from. A person can select from the following:
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars - Boba Fett
  • Spider Man
  • Indiana Jones
  • Green Lantern
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Batman
The above names are very much popular in the knowledge of everyone including old and young people.
Interest of child – If a person desires for expanding the interest of his or her child, then LEGOS building blocks can be chosen. Selection of a toy should be totally based on what mostly excites the children. Certain child’s interest games are as follows:
  • Movies and TV (i.e. Star Wars and Harry Potter)
  • Minifigure
  • Transportation
  • Occupations
  • Sports
  • Learning
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy (i.e. Halo)
  • Nature and Animals
As the children grow older, a person may trust the assured LEGOS collection. This would hold the interest of the children always during the management of life and also doing everything properly.
Based on education – LEGO has a specialized brand named LEGO education. It provides certain Duplo building block kits for toddlers and babies. These kinds of LEGOS are specially designed for the young kids. It even aids in the development of the child. The fields in which the development of a child increases are as follows:
  • Nourishes the power of imagination through storytelling
  • Gives an idea of basic design
  • Offers spatial awareness
  • Helps in color recognition
  • Provides eye hand coordination

A person can select the basic classic theme sets or brick sets, which are family, playhouse, train and farm. These types of sets would educate one’s children by keeping them entertained. Hence for availing such positive impacts of LEGOS, a person should Buy LEGO Games. 

Negative impacts of LEGO Sets Safety – Giving the children small pieces of toys for playing can tend to be hazardous for their health, or even hurt them. Choking is one the greatest concern for most of the mothers. Domination of Gender – The building sets of LEGOS are usually termed to be male dominated, for example, Wars, Ninja, Bionicle, etc. serving for the boys to get attracted rather than the girls. 

Price – A vast majority of LOGOS building blocks along with its accessories costs lesser than the basic LEGO bricks, i.e. $25.00. For example, LEGO City costs approximately $160.00.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Tricks To Cover The Taste Of Medicine For Your Kids

Some kids will refuse to take their medicines. They will clench their teeth making it impossible to get a dose in their mouth. No amount of cajoling or sternness can entice them to open up their mouths. However, there are five tricks that can cover the taste of the medicine making it more enticing for the kids to take.

Get Help from the Pharmacist

You can talk to your pharmacist about your kids dislike for taking medicine. Some pharmacist will offer to add extra flavours like, Bisolvon childrens cough syrup,to make the medicine taste better. The medicine may not taste exactly like the flavour added, but the extra flavour may help entice your child to try the medicine.

Medicine Goes Down Better with Food

Crushed tablets or liquid medicine can be added to small amounts of food making it taste better. However, if the child sees the medicine put in the food, he or she may choose not to eat the food. Therefore, this method will need to be done without the child present, and you will need to make sure that the child eats the food to get the medicine.

Reward the Child

After taking the medicine, you can offer the child a special reward to get rid of the medicine taste. The aftertaste of most medicines is often the worst part of taking them. A sweet reward will make the medication easier to swallow. You can give them chocolate syrup or their favorite dessert to chase away the bad tasting medicine. Other rewards can include hugs, kisses or a favorite bedtime story.

Use a Syringe

Medication can be given with a syringe. It will be easier to get in a child’s mouth than a spoon is. If the child closes his or her mouth, you can hold his or her nose to open his or her mouth. This allows you to quickly shoot the medicine into their mouth. You can have a glass of water or juice ready for them to wash away the bad taste afterwards. When you hold their nose, you are blocking their sense of smell which lessens the taste of the medicine. When you use a syringe, you can squirt the medicine in the throat making the taste less noticeable since it does not touch the tongue.

Disguise the Taste

Medicines can be disguised when added to other liquids. For instance, juice can help to cover the taste of the medicine. You need to make sure that the child does not know that his or her medicine is in the juice, or he or she will refuse to drink the liquid. In addition, you do not want to put too much juice in the cup, or the child might not drink it all. Another solution would be to add it to a spoon of jelly or jam to disguise the taste. If all of these tricks fail, you might try talking to your child. You can explain to the child that the medicine will help make him or her get well faster.

Author Bio: John is a dietitian and has been for the past 2 years. In his spare time he likes to write blogs about health, fitness and all round well-being.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well Traveled Kids

I am so blessed that I have tow well traveled kids.   No matter how long the flights or drives are, they still manage to   wear a smile in their faces every time.  Mr. Burrito gets a little antsy sometimes but he is  still a great traveler  compared to other kids that I see  every time we travel.

Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Delicious Salads Your Kids will Love

You've been trying to get your children to eat more vegetables for some time now, and you have finally been a little successful. However, the thought of encouraging them to eat a salad is almost laughable to you. When you want to find delicious salads that they will love, what are some recipes you can try?

Add in Meats

Let's confront the facts. Even when you look at a bed of lettuce filled with vegetables only, you feel a little bit disappointed. You can only imagine how your children must feel with this platter in front of them. Make sure you are adding meat into the salad, and they are more likely to enjoy it. Add some of Continentals chicken chow mein and ground turkey which can make for some fun salads.

Taco Salad

Do your kids love to eat tacos or other types of Mexican food? Well then, you can make a taco salad. Add in lean ground beef or ground turkey to keep it healthier and put on all of their favourite toppings. Low-fat shredded cheese, low-fat sour cream, avocado, taco seasoning and salsa are excellent ways to keep this salad appealing and still on the healthy side.

Add in Some Fruit

While your children seem to shy away from a lot of vegetables, they are pretty good when it comes to eating their fruits. Try to make a salad that has some fruit in it. Cranberries and apples are two popular fruits that you will find in some tasty salads. You could also add in walnuts to give the salad even more crunch. Sometimes, simply changing up the texture of the salad can make your children want to eat it more. Do not pour on the dressing, or you are sure to lose that crunch factor.

A Tuscan Flair

If your children tend to like Italian food, try to give your salad a little bit of that Tuscan flair. One recipe that people love is the blend of feta cheese, olives, grilled chicken and roasted red peppers. Just imagine how delicious this will taste. When you add on some balsamic dressing, the flavors really come to life. Chances are, as your kids are crunching away on the salad, you are going to want to eat some of it as well. Feel free to get creative and add in your own ingredients

Use a Pasta Base

Maybe you just cannot get your children to eat lettuce. Consider using a pasta base instead and serving them pasta salad. Choose whole wheat, and you will still be providing a healthy choice. Cut up a bunch of vegetables, and the salad will have even more of that health factor to it.

Kids are going to love these salads because they keep their personal tastes in mind. No one likes to eat foods that are boring and bland, and this is especially true for the children in your own life.
Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, cook and write blogs for other stay at home mums and anyone with similar interests.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cordial Hotel Employees

My daughter noticed one of the complimentary toiletries that the hotel provided us when we entered the room. IT was a product that I also have from the company that sent me some samples to review. She asked me if the hotel order those Hotel Supply Online. I told her that they might have got them from the Atlanta Hotel Supply or the same company that sent me the products also supplies them with those products. I  emailed  my contact and  told them about what we saw at the hotel and they were delighted about it.
The hotel that we stayed at is an extended stay type of hotel so they have  complete kitchen and Hotel Bar Supplies in the lobby.  Food  were served as  a complimentary every morning and they also  have free dinner from Mondays thru Thursdays.  We love our stay there.  The employees are very cordial and  their customer service is  exceptional!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Imitating a Baby Bird

We found this baby bird laying on the street when we went for a walk at my FIL's neighborhood.  Afraid that the bird will get run over by a car, I picked it up and put him in the nearby yard.

That night, the kids remember the bird and this  is how they imitate a hungry bird.   Hahaha, I was literally  LOL when they  did those faces.

Yoga Mats

I never really tried yoga till lately and I got my daughter addicted to it as well.  It's one of our relaxing Mom and Daughter bonding at home.  We each have our own yoga mat which really  motivates my daughter to join me.  I found an online site that  sells the best jade yoga mat and other yoga  products.    I will browse through their selection to see if they have  a yoga DVD as I still can't fined one.  I only  watch  youtube videos in doing yoga.

Watering Can Water Globe for a Special Teacher

My daughter wanted to give her  2nd grade teacher something before the  classes was over so we went to the Mall and stopped by at Things Remembered and she really love the  watering can water globe.  She said that  Mrs. Plesa loves to garden to she would love this one.  We have it personalized with  the message below.
Price was originally $50 but was on sale for $39.99 but with personalization, it cost $62.99

When she came home from school, she  told me that  her teacher loved it.  She said that her teacher   teared up and  gave her a tight hug!  The teacher  also sent us a thank you note with a long hearty message saying how grateful she was  to have a very thoughtful student.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sun Protection with Style

Friday will be start of Summer  at our part of the world which means that soon, the heat of the sun will be  felt.  In our case, we already felt the summer heat as we went to Texas  last week for our early Summer getaway.  I know that it's hot over there that is why I was  ecstatic when  Wallaroo Hat Company gave me an opportunity to review some of their hats.  Wallaroo Hat Company  has different collection of  not only  stylish hats  but  with   great  sun protective features as well.  So if you want to  buy some hats for the family, choose the hats with sun protection with style, the Wallaroo Hats.

I  chose the Jr. Explorer  for my son and the Petite Victoria for my daughter.

The  Jr. Explorer is made from a microfiber   material just like the ones  for adult hats.  It's wide brim provides  full protection from the sun.  My  son loves it as he feels like an explorer, he said.    The hat definitely  provided him  comfort  and protection during our getaway.
My daughter love her Petite Victoria hat in pink.  It is lightweight and irresistibly fun and fashionable to wear.  In fact she is wearing it right now while him and his brother are swimming in our backyard.  As you can see in her poses, she had so much fun modeling her new hat before we went to Kennywood Park a couple of weeks ago. 

Wallaroo Hats has  UPF 50+  ultraviolet protection factor.  The materials they used are tested by Australian Radiation Protection Agency and blocks 97.5 % of the sun's ultraviolet rays.  If you have  kids like mine who loves outdoor, hats are a must during summer time.  I'd like to thank Wallaroo Hat Company for sending us the  Stylish Hats!

Disclaimer:  I received the  products mentioned above for  evaluation purposes.  I was not compensated in  facilitating this review.

Helpful Tips for Purchasing Amazing Baby Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes can be fun and enjoyable, and it is even easier when done online. There are many colors, styles and bargains from which to choose. For mothers expecting a new baby or already have one, there are never- ending considerations to make that involves clothing them. The same case applies to someone who has been invited to a birthday party or a baby shower and is considering picking out clothes for babies as gifts. However, making this task successful is not as easy as visiting a store and buying the first cute thing that one comes across. Prior to setting out to the nearest baby's boutique, it is essential to be guided by tips for purchasing baby clothes.

Choose a Size Ahead of the Baby's Current Age

Babies tend to grow very quickly, and sizes can be on the smaller side. A majority of 6-month-old kids can water clothes of the size of 9-12 months' while one year old can wear clothes for a 2-year-old, and so on. However, it is vital to take into account the season, as for instance lightweight summer clothes cannot be worn during winter, and the other way round. Purchasing clothes that a baby can wear later on is a fabulous idea, but it is also important to choose outfits capable of spanning several seasons just in case the baby grows slower or faster than average.

Go Green

Eco-friendly clothes are one trend that will never go out of fashion and can only continue to grow. When shopping, look for children's clothes that are made using recycled and organic materials. Bamboo that is all-natural is increasingly becoming quite a popular alternative for cotton when making baby clothes. It is great for layering and is capable of adjusting the baby's body temperature. In addition, it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice. As for colors, think of the hues of nature. Ocean grays, sky blues, as well as sky blues are fashionable and hot.

Consider Designer Clothes

For those purchasing clothes for gifts, designer duds for babies are ideal since the recipients' parents will definitely appreciate them. Dressing a baby in Prada, Gucci or Versace may seem crazy, but beautiful and practical trendy baby wear is certainly the way to go. Moreover, clothes for babies are a growing target market, and cloth designers are shifting their focus on younger and younger children whose parents would want to indulge. However, it is vital to bear in mind that buying too many expensive clothes is not recommended. Most newborn babies will double or triple their body weight within a year or so, hence they will outgrow the clothes quite quickly.

Include Cloth Accessories

In addition to the baby clothes purchased, it is a good idea to consider throwing in some accessories that match with them, especially when buying the clothes as gifts. Such accessories may include a headband, socks, or a hat matching with the picked outfit. Using accessories separately from their matching outfits enables the gift giver get more mileage from the gift that would have been the case if they had given clothes only as presents.

Do Not Forget the Gift Receipts

This holds true for any present, but one should not forget to give the baby's mother the gift that came with the clothes. It may be possible to give the baby mother a duplicate outfit, the wrong size, or something that fails to match her baby's taste. Presenting her with the receipts will provide her with the opportunity to return them to the boutique and chose something else for her baby, something that is a gift in itself.

Consider a Gift with a Difference

At the end of the day, every guest invited to a birthday party or baby shower loves purchasing nice little outfits for the host's baby as gifts. However, not many ask themselves what the mother really needs. Most babies have more hand-me-downs and new outfits that their mothers can probably handle. During a party, it is most likely that the guests will bring gifts of the same outfits that the mother has more than enough in her possession. It is hence a great idea to consider purchasing different kinds of baby outfits that the mother is unlikely to have. This will make her appreciate them even more.

Tips for Choosing Newborn Baby Clothes

One of the major preparations for the arrival of the newborn is by purchasing the right clothes. Like many other preparations, buying the correct baby clothes is also technical. Therefore it should be done after considering different aspects in order to avoid trouble. Here are some guidelines you need to consider when buying baby clothes irrespective of the gender of the baby.
When purchasing baby clothes or accessories, you should not buy those made mainly from polyester and the ones with dark colors. This is because material made of dark colors may contain a lot of dyes. Do not buy baby clothes that are made from fabrics that have been treated with formaldehyde based resins because they can cause allergic skin reaction. It is very important for the baby clothes to be very soft and warm. This will keep the soft skin of your baby free from rash. The new born baby needs special care when dressing or undressing it. For comfort and ease, always purchase loose clothes with wider neck and sleeves so as to avoid the baby from feeling unease when dressing or undressing.

Season is another very essential factor to consider when choosing baby clothes. If you expect your baby in summer season you should opt for soft and light clothes. If it is winter, you can purchase some warm woolen baby clothes that are soft and smooth. In addition you can buy warm head cover.

Purchase at least 10 bay clothes because they get dirty very fast and you will need to change the more often. It is advisable to wash the clothes before dressing your baby for the first time. Select the ones with adjustable zippers, straps or any other flexible settings. You can also purchase some few branded and fancy suites for your new baby if you will be planning to have a get together functions or parties. This will create a graceful impression to your visitors.

The choice of diapers to use is also challenging for anyone with a new born baby. You will be required to decide between using costly organic diaper or risk the health of your baby by using non-organic disposable diapers. If you opt for the later it advisable to go for the one that is chlorine free.

It is important to know that organic products are much safer as compared to non-organic. This is because organic items may have less harmful synthetic chemical (if any). Unfortunately not every person can afford these organic products because they are expensive. For instance, an organic baby mattress is very costly however you can purchase a more cost effective non synthetic mattress and buy an organic mattress pads or duvet covers. Always make sure that the bedding crib for your baby is flame resistant and also remember to air the non- organic mattress before use.

The budget should be accommodative. Never strain yourself by purchasing expensive baby clothes. The prices majorly depend on the trademark or the brands names. So you can decide to buy costly brands or go for the normal designs. Brand or trademark name will not affect the health of your baby.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Teddy Bear Day

I snagged these photos at the teacher's page of the Kindergarten.  This  was one of the  activities that they did for the last school year, it's called  a "Teddy Bear Day".  Students were   allowed to bring their favorite teddy and talk about it in the class.  My son brought two  of them because one of his friends does not have one ( the Mexican boy).
The teddy that he brought is the teddy bear that my husband sent me when I was still in the Philippines.  It's one of those things with sentimental value to me so I brought it   when I came here in the US.  I am glad that I did because I get to tell my kids about it and it's one of their favorite  stuffed toy.

I hope everyone had a great memorial day  weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to choose a nursery

Choosing the right nursery can feel like a bit of a minefield. One person might tell you their child loved it and never wanted to go home, whereas someone else might say that their child had a terrible time and begged not to go every day. You know what is best for your child, but it can be difficult to know what to look for in a nursery. Luckily, help is at hand, and we have some handy pointers to help you spot a good nursery.

 Firstly, while you'll get a lot of conflicting opinions, make sure you ask the parents of children who are already there. If possible, try to arrange the start or end of your visit to coincide with dropping off or picking up time so you can ask the other parents what their children think of the nursery. While staff will be able to tell you the facts, their views will be biased, so ask the parents for the most honest opinion.

 Also, check the facilities. Particularly important is whether or not the nursery has outdoor space. This means the children will get the chance to go outside and let off steam, along with getting some exercise. There might be opportunities for outdoor games and sports, and find out if there is any sporting equipment such as balls for the children to play with. 

 How do the other children seem? If they're all laughing and playing nicely together, this is a good sign. Don't necessarily take it as a bad sign if a child starts crying during your visit. Children cry a lot at this age, and this doesn't mean that they're not happy. See how the staff attend to them, as this will speak volumes about the sort of care you can expect for your own child.

 The condition of the toys and the environment can also tell you a lot about the nursery. If everything is clean and well-maintained, this is a good sign. Also check if the toys and games are appropriate for the age group. Look out for signs of artwork and crafts. If your child is creative, this gives a good indication that they'll get the chance to use the art materials. Ultimately, it's up to you and your child. No matter how much you like it, if your child doesn't like the feel of the nursery, don't force them to go. The main aim is to find a place they'll be safe and happy, so consider all these factors and weigh them up against how your child reacts to each nursery.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Music Recital

My daughter takes piano lessons at Torrence  Music Studio.  They had a rehearsal  last Saturday for the Annual  music recital  to be held  at Memorial Baptist Church.  Her teacher talked to us and told us that  she should have given our daughter  a much  difficult  song but they have to  submit the song months before the recital and she did not know that Ms. Burrito will do really good.  She said that next year,  she definitely knows what piece  she would give her.
We arrived early during the recital so  the kids got the chance to go see the big squirrels  feasting  on nuts under the trees beside the church.  It also gave us time to take some family pictures outside.
While we were seated on the pew and waiting for the program to start, Ms. Burrito told me that she   is nervous.  She even went to the restroom   for the last minute.  I know that she will do good but I understand how she felt that day as  it  was her first time  playing with audience.  To add to the pressure, she is the very first number.
We invited our  neighbor family to come and watch.  Lolo and Lola Fancher came and Sarah and Angie Howells came  as well.  The Howells brought  Ms. Burrito a bouquet which   helped  her forget her nervousness for a while.
The program was beautiful, Ms. Burrito did not mess up a thing and she did pretty well.  We went to  the Mexican Restaurant, Chico Fiesta, after the program as a simple celebration.  I will make a separate post about that.  Below is the  video that I recorded from my point and shoot camera.  I forgot that I can't rotate the video so pardon if  it is not how it needs to be, just listen to the song and ignore the  picture lol.  Her part starts after the introduction of the teachers.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding Great Gifts For A Baptism Day

It really can be confusing if you schedule for an exercise to find your loved one's gifts for a baptism day. For one, you will have to consider various aspects and weigh them in contrast to your personal preferences and taste. And while doing all that, you must factor the intended person along with their taste and personal preferences too. This then gives you a daunting task, all in the name of fulfilling your wish or even promise to them. Among the factors to consider will be their age and gender in addition to the already mentioned taste and preferences.

The best approach to finding the intended gift is by taking it from the target person's perspective. You will need to first conduct some simple search as to what they will probably be fascinated with. However, you have to ensure you take them by surprise while doing all that. They are not supposed to know or even contemplate that you are inquiring what they like, as this will virtually reduce the perceived value of your gift to the. Best gifts are ones that come by surprise, even when they are very much expected. you therefore need to do it indirectly, most preferable via their friends or associates who are considerably open with them.

You probably may present to them a personalized item, for example a bible that is customized on the cover showing it was particularly intended for them. In this approach you may just purchase a standard bible but replace the outer cover with one that you personally designed but done professionally to show artistry and uniqueness altogether. If you can also add their names on the cover design it really will be an icing on the cake!

On another approach, jewelry could make a big impression too. If with feminine gender, consider something like a necklace but one that is of precious metal and get their names engraved on it.  This really can be fascinating especially with the three most regarded precious metals; gold, silver and bronze. And while the necklace may not work with everyone, some other kind of jewelry certainly will. All you will ensure is its quality and uniqueness. At least that is what spells out your effort and value in finding them some presentable gift for that memorable day.

One good thing with jewelry is that it will always remain to be seen, so the gifted person will always stick to the beautiful memory of that day!

Other forms of gifts may come as a service, and that can be confirmed with the intended person before the day. Also you may consider edible eateries whether as stand alone gifts or supplements. Some nice soft drinks and delicious dishes and at some gorgeous environment will add to the spice up. Also consider trips and styled photos on that day.

Even as you strain on the baptismal gift, what really makes it valuable and compelling is the personal touch that comes along with it. And, this impact on the other hand is determined by their personalities and taste other than yours. Be sure to factor all the above points even as you search for the best gifts for a baptism day.
Photo taken during the baptism of our friend's daughter  two years ago

School Olympics at St. Joseph School 2013

WARNING!  Photo Overload...

I like the school where my kids are in because the population is small, hence, everybody knows everybody.  It's a close community  where everyone supports each other.  Parents and other patrons  help out the school by  volunteering  with events and other programs of the school as they don't really get  the full funding from the government.  We pay  tuition fees, buy our children's  stuff, pay for different activities but it is worth it.
Last May 23, they had the  school Olympic, a fun way of closing the school year.  Family and Friends were invited so I went and took a lot of pictures while cheering for my kids while they competed.  My husband said that he  will take a day off next year as he missed this year's  event.  
Congratulations EJ!
Great effort Burritos!
Mom and Dad are proud of you Burritos!
As you can see in the photos, teachers and parents are so involve while the kids are doing their best. Believe me, I almost lost my voice cheering lol.
Our son placed 1st in three different games which includes ,50 meter dash, potato spoon (he's got great balance on this one and never dropped the potato on the floor), and wheel barrel with his partner Dominic. Our daughter's class placed 2nd in tug of war event.
The kindergarten has a pizza party after  the  event.  The teacher bought them pizza and  cake for dessert.
Happy faces of 2nd Graders with their teacher
The kindergartner with their proud teacher.
The school year ends with a day of fun and a celebration of mass at church on the last day.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Excited for our Vacation

My husband confirmed our hotel reservation last week to make sure that everything will goes  smoothly with our upcoming vacation next week.  Seven more days and we are  leaving, we are visiting a state that we all have never been to yet.  This would be a new life adventure for all of us.  I bought my kids some stuff that we would be needing while we are there as it is hot  in there right now.  I got them new pair of sun glasses and some new tees.
We initially planned to stay at a friend's house while we  are on vacation but  my husband found a very good vacation package and we got a great deal for it so we chose to just  forego for the hotel stay instead.  We do appreciate the offer of our friend though, it could have saved us  money but when you have kids in tow, it would be a challenge.

The kids are on the countdown for the remaining days before we  leave.  June will be very busy for us.    It started with my daughter's piano recital  yesterday.  Next Saturday, two days before our flight, we will be going to Kennywood  for my husband's company picnic.  Then Sunday, we have to bring our dogs to the kennel to board them there while we are gone for a week.  When we come back, we were invited  by my father in law's sister for her 80th birthday celebration in Ohio.  So yeah, our June is packed with  schedule of activities for the whole family.  Not to mention that it's my  big month too as  my life will finally begins weee.

I am  praying that our vacation will be a fun-filled one and no one will get sick before  we leave or  when we come back.

Young Warriors

Aside from the Yoga pants and Tee, here are the other products that Warriors in Pink sent me.  My kids are very happy to be part of the  great cause that Warriors in Pink are supporting and that is the fight against breast cancer.  When you visit and buy their products , 100%  of the proceeds goes to the organizations that supports breast cancer.  I admire   companies that   pushes this kind of  action as it  greatly helps those who are in need.
If you are looking for a  Father's Day gift ideas, check out the selection of clothing at Warriors in Pink.  Not only that you will make your Dad or husband happy but you will also  help a great cause.  I highly recommend their clothing, my kids love their Young Warrior Tees and I love my Yoga pants  and Tee as well!  Thank you once again Warriors in Pink!

Disclaimer:  I received the above mentioned products for Free in exchange of my  honest review.  The author of this blog did not receive monetary compensation in facilitating the review.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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