Friday, April 8, 2016

Monitoring Teen Cell phones

Being a parent is a hard enough job in itself, through each stage of your child’s life you think it will get easier as they get older, but the fact of the matter is, each stage brings its own set of problems and complications. Until your child reaches the age of 18, they are your responsibility and one of the most difficult years for parents can be when their children reach their teen ages. It is not entirely the kids’ fault, with them going through puberty and all those hormones causing changes to the body and sometimes to the mind as well; teenage can be considered the age of rebellion and parents find it very hard to keep tabs on their kids during this time. Having a tool that helps in monitoring teen cell phones is not just good thinking but a necessity.

In fact, there is much emphasis being put on monitoring by parents, not only do law enforcement agencies suggest that parents spy on their kids’ activities through XnSpy and other similar apps, but also some governments have made it mandatory. The government of South Korea made it compulsory that all smart devices being sold to minors be installed with monitoring software so that parents could track their children’s activities.

Some Scenarios:
Teenagers as mentioned earlier also have a difficult time – they are trying to understand the changes that they are going through both physically and mentally; thoughts about sex, peer pressure, individuality and personal space, career and adulthood start to be a major part of the teenage. During this time they are susceptible to external pressures and manipulation. They can be victims of cyberbullying or be the ones carrying it out, due to peer-pressure, frustration, etc. Also, the same goes for inappropriate behavior such as sexting and other similar activities. In a worst case scenario, they can fall prey to sexual predators or other dangerous people.  The smart devices our kids use today is a great tool for learning and a part of social learning and development if used in moderation, as the excess of everything is bad. Therefore along with monitoring teen cell phones with apps like xnspy, keeping an open dialogue is important as well. Our kids should know that we are there to listen and help, but we are also watching if they do anything wrong and there will be consequences.

How to monitor?
Smart devices have become a necessity for people regardless of them being adolescents or adults, they don’t leave home without them. Parents can use this to their advantage and spy on device to monitor their child’s activities. As they probably use it for IM chats, browsing, taking pictures and general calling and messaging, all of these communication channels can be monitored by parents through tools like monitoring and tracking apps.
Things to keep in mind
First, before making your purchase it would be wise to make a list of features you require such as call records, call recordings, location tracking, text message tracking, etc. Also, make sure that the app you are purchasing supports the device you will be installing it on. It will not work if you have an Android device and the app you’ve purchased only works on Windows Mobile devices. Also, it is important that while doing your research that you make sure that the app is small in size, is discrete – having stealth functionality to maximize the spying effect, and it should not be resource hungry i.e. drain the battery or slow down the device. Since it would really be a pain if your kids complained that their device is slow and that they have to recharge the battery over and over again.
A Suitable App
In order to further elaborate the spying process, we will use an app that fulfills most of the aforementioned criteria – xnspy. Xnspy works on both Android and iOS devices, no windows. This app is small that means it can quickly and easily be installed onto the device you wish to monitor. The installation process requires physical access to the device in case of Android (rooted/non-rooted) and jailbroken iOS devices. For a no-jailbreak device, you will just require the iCloud credentials for installation.
Once installed you can use the online web-based dashboard to control the app and monitor the device. Among its many features, you will be able to listen to all calls that are made from the device and read all text messages either sent or received through various channels such as SMS, IM chats, and email. This will allow you to check for suspicious messages – you can counter cyberbullying, sexting, etc.
Xnspy will allow you to spy on the pictures and videos in the device you can check what kind of material your child is being exposed to and what kind of pictures they are taking. The location tracking feature is another powerful feature that lets you know where the device has been and where it is currently at.

Having mentioned all the features of this app if you would like to get more information we suggest that you visit their website as it truly is a powerful tool to monitor teen cell phones.

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