Monday, October 7, 2013

Five Ways to Obtain a Certificate for Work While Having a Full-Time Job

There’s no doubt that combining study and work can be difficult – doing either of these things on their own can be a challenge. However, there are a few ways that you can efficiently obtain a certificate while having a full-time job. If you look into the different methods of study, you can find an option that caters to your specific needs. Whether this means studying part time or via correspondence, there is a way to juggle both worlds without overloading yourself.

Consider Part-Time Study

Studying part time is a great way to manage your full-time job. By doing this, you can eliminate a lot of the time you would be required to attend classes. This can help to ease your mind and lower the stress of work and study. However, part-time study takes longer to complete than full-time. And although it will be less stressful for you in the short term, you will have to commit for a larger period of time. Make sure you consider this before deciding to obtain a certificate.

Study via Correspondence

If your job takes up a large amount of time, and you find yourself unable to attend part-time classes, consider studying via correspondence. This gives you the flexibility to do your study when it suits you. This is a wonderful option for those with a heavy workload, or unpredictable working hours. Studying via correspondence enables you to choose your study time, and work whenever you need. Keep in mind that working in isolation can limit your motivation in comparison with attending classes.

Study Leave

If you’re hoping to undertake part-time study, but don’t feel you can manage the hours, consider talking to your employer about study leave. Most employers are happy to work out a solution, and will talk to you about the best way to approach your potential study. By agreeing to study leave, your employers consent to provide you with up to twenty days of paid leave.

Work Full-Time and Study Full-Time

It may seem hard to do, but if you’re passionate about completing a qualification quickly, it is possible to work and study full-time. Talk with your employer, and see if it’s possible to change your hours to suit your course. Many certificates offer evening classes, which makes it easier to juggle both. If you’re up for it, consider working during the day and studying at night. Although the work will be hard, you will complete the qualification sooner.


If you’re finding hard to work out an option of obtaining your certificate while working full-time, it’s a good idea to evaluate your organisation skills. There may be some way that you can minimise the amount of hours you spend working or studying by coming up with a personal routine. If you’re passionate about both work and study, you’ll be able to find a balance that works for you.

There are a number of ways you can manage study and full-time work. Just remember that study is flexible, and can cater to your needs. HBA Learning Centres Australia offer certificates and diplomas for both part-time and full-time workers. Contact them to find the best way to suit your work and study needs.

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