Friday, October 22, 2021

Madonna HS Homecoming 2021 #HoCo2021

I can't believe how much time flies.  Both of our children are now in high school and it's a joy to see them both get excited and dressed up.

This year's homecoming at my children's school was a little different than the past few years.  Instead of having the dance at an out of school facility, it was held at the school's gymnasium.  Students have their choices to go wherever they choose for dinner.  My son's date and his friends went to William's Country Club and my daughter's date and their friends went to Ditka's.  
We got our son a new suit at JosABank.  I think he cleaned up well.  
Rye chose a satin light  purple almost pink dress.  She actually bought two dresses, the other one is purple which was my pick but she wore this one.
Her date is Anthony Arnold, a close friend of hers since kindergarten.  They been going on hoco for 3 years and we liked it because we love Anthony, he's a really good kid, I mean young man.
EJ asked his close friend Marissa, they went to school together at St. Joseph since kindergarten although they go on different schools in high school.  Her family is a close family friend of ours which makes us very happy that they went to the dance together.
She looked stunning and I think they look great together.  I love where his class went for dinner because the view there is gorgeous.  Too bad it was raining when they were about to take pictures so they didn't get to have more  photos taken outside.  I was still very weak so I let my husband  be in charged of the taking photos.  I forgot to tell my son to removed the plastic of the bouquet before he gave it to Marissa. Oh well, lesson learned for my son not to forget about it next time.
They took group pictures inside despite the manager telling the parents not to take pictures inside.  There's nothing they can do though, it was raining outside.
Rylie's  friends went to one of her friend's house and take some photos before they went to dinner at Ditka's.
The kids said that it was a lot of fun.  My daughter even said that, it was way better than the previous years.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Career Paths for Teachers

When it comes to careers, the majority of people want to know that there is going to be an opportunity to progress when they accept a job offer. After a while of working in the same role, it can get boring as you have gotten everything you possibly can out of it, and are ready to take on bigger challenges so that you can grow both personally and professionally. Luckily, a lot of careers can provide various progression routes, allowing you to move into different departments, and teaching is one job role that can lead to a variety of opportunities. If you’re a teacher who is wondering what they can do next, here are a few routes you could explore.


You might want to stay working within the school environment, and a good career aim, if you would like to move further up the ladder, is to become a head of a department, and then principal. If this is something that you’re interested in, you will need to show that you have strong leadership skills, which is why applying for head of department positions before applying to become a principal is a good idea. You might also want to return to college to study leadership in education. You can do this online if you would like, as this might make it easier to #t your studies around your job. Check out this CAGS in Educational Leadership  certificate program as an example of the type of thing you should be looking at.

Private Tutor

If you would like to break away from the traditional classroom setting and would like to become self-employed, using your teaching experience to become a private tutor could be the right choice for you. This can be a lucrative role if you build a strong client base, and a lot of educators #nd this more enjoyable as it is working closely with students one-on-one, rather than having to lead a bigger class which can be challenging at times. You can also choose your working hours, though you will likely be working weekends and after-school hours as this is when your students will be available.

Helping to Develop Teacher Training

If you would like to move away from working with students altogether, you could instead look at using your teaching expertise to help develop and implement professional teacher training programs instead. All educators will need to go through training before they can become fully +edged teachers, but they will also need to continue this development throughout their careers to match changing curriculums and new, innovative methods of teaching. You could start to work for an organization that helps to create these programs and supports educators looking for a job that isn’t in the classroom.

Working for the Department of Education

This is another interesting role that is outside of the usual educational settings. If you are looking for this kind of change, working for the department of education could be the right career path for you as an educator. You could help to create the curriculum, liaise with other government professionals, and oer advice based on your previous experience working as a teacher. You could help to improve the overall learning and teaching experience for future students and educators, which is an incredible thing to achieve in your career.  

If you’re a teacher who is wondering what they could do next and wants some ideas about the future of their career, consider the suggestions above and see if any appeal to you

Friday, August 13, 2021

Sweet 16: Time Flies!

Our daughter turned 16 this year, time really do fly fast!  I can't believe she's a Junior now.  I don't even want to entertain the thought of her graduating from high school.  I don't think I am ready emotionally lol.  When she started driving, I was thinking to myself, did I really gave birth to her (lol).  I am glad she's not like me who is scared of driving, she's courageous and very cautious.  
Anyway, when it comes to creativity, I lack of it, big time! I am not like many Moms who has so many  creative ideas when celebrating their  children's birthday.  In fact, I am the most boring Mom in the world, in my opinion ha ha.  But that doesn't mean, I don't love my children, oh I DO, they mean the world to me!  I just don't have that talent or skills of being creative.  
Anyway, I only made her mini pancakes for breakfast and decorated our eat-in kitchen windows a little and that's it.  I am happy though that my children doesn't really care much for elaborate stuff.  I am glad that they are content with our simple ways of showing our love to them.
I am happy that we raised them that way.
A friend of mine offered to take her pictures at Oglebay Park, which I am grateful.  Our daughter had fun doing the photo shoot.  If you want a fun shoot for your pictures, you can lookup Turquoise Sunset Photography on Facebook or online.  She's an awesome photographer. 

I am glad she chose this place because it's been years since we've been here last.  We did drive around during tennis matches few years ago but we didn't really explored much.  Glad we were able to  walked around while the photoshoot is going on.
I just took some snaps of her while she was posing for the photographer.  I am a little sad that both of my kids are not fond of being photographed anymore.  I miss those days when they would  literally asked me to take pictures of them.  Now that they are teens, my photo taking chances have been limited and they also don't want them posted on social media lol.
At 16, my daughter have so many opportunities that I never had growing up.  It makes me happy that they have these privileges, thanks to my husband's undying support.
I hope that whatever path they take as they delve into adulthood, they will succeed in it.  I do believe that my daughter will as  she's very focused and determined.  She has the work ethic to achieve whatever she sets her mind into. 
I can only hope and pray that I will live long enough to see them have their own families and be successful of whate3ver careers they choose.

Dearest Rye Bean,

As you turned 16, I pray that God will always guide you and give you strength. 
That He will protect you day in and day out.  
Good health and happy life is what I always WISH FOR YOU.
Remember, Dad and I will always be here for you.
Thank you for setting a good example to your brother.
We are very proud of you and we love you very much!



Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Graduation Reception at Holiday Inn #Class2021

Just like our daughter's graduation a couple of years ago, our son's class graduation reception was also held at Holiday Inn where the food was catered by Undo's Restaurant.  I am grateful that we could gather together at this important milestone without the Covid restriction.
Our daughter got to reconnect with her  former classmates and closefriends.
This definitely brought back great memories from their class two years ago.
I am also glad that one our son's  close friend, Rissy, came back to St. Joe's on their last year.
EJ with Rissy and Gabriella in the photo above and below is Rylie with her friend Hannah and Mrs. Mascio.
Mrs.  Mascio's table decorations are gorgeous.
My daughter is such a Daddy's girl.
I am glad that these kids are close to each other that even if they go their separate ways during high school they will remain friends.
I don't like what the media is doing to the young generation nowadays.  They are  brainwashing most of these kids and that worries me.  I scolded my kids one time when they were talking about something that they believe is true but it's not.  I am worried that when they go ton college, they will be influenced and be radicalized which is scary.  
For now, we can still contain them in a safe environment but when they go out, it concerns me.
Our world is totally different now.  With all these radical ideas circulating around, it's no wonder the young generation are the easy target of these so called world leaders.  I feel like it's no longer safe no matter where you go.  
I am happy though that my kids still listens to us and that we can tell them with our beliefs.  It's super hard to control what they see online.  
My son doesn't want his pictures taken most of the time  but I am glad that he was up for it during the graduation, it's a happy day to celebrate with his friends.
Happy to tolk to one of my close friend as well.
EJ told us  that he isn't getting any awards like his sister did two years ago but he actually had some.
So happy I could capture this exciting times of his life.  He is anxious about going to high school but I think, he will do just fine.
With his classroom teacher, Mrs. Felton.
With Fr. Dennis.  EJ actually asked me if I could take a photo of him with Father which I gladly obliged.
We didn't get to take pictures before leaving home so we took some when we came back from the reception.
This was the last time we had the chance to take pictures with our dog, Bolt.  He was always ready to pose with us.  Even when he was sick, he posed with us in these pics.
This is one of the many things I will miss about Bolt.  His mild demeanor and being chill all the time.
These two always goofs around, glad they can have fun together.
Looking at these photos makes me miss our dog even more, it makes me cry.
I can't believe how tall my son got.  
I always save the flowers that they bring home.  It's a great keepsake even when its dried out.
Like his sister, he also go the President's Award for outstanding academic excellence.
A surprised scholarship that he received.
A video keepsake made by Mrs. Mascio, thank you Marie.
I am happy to have both of our children graduate from St. Joseph the Worker School.  It's a great primary school in the area. Thank you once again to Mrs. Fuscardo, our  awesome principal, and her  whole stuff.  Thank you to Fr. Dennis for leading not only the children but also the  staff and the parents to a great path of Catholicism and lastly thanks to God Almighty for allowing us to send our children to a school that values God and religion.  We will begin another whole adventure in Madonna High School.  May God continue to watch over us and guide us.

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