Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Party in School

I went to school on Friday and helped the other Moms facilitate the Easter Party for the  Kindergarten and Second Grade.  I was all geared up with my camera so I can take photos but when I took my camera out of my bag, the battery was dead argghhh.  My cellphone came to the rescue though, I got to take some photos with it.
The kindergarten class had so much fun during their  egg hunting.  We laid the eggs  everywhere in the cafeteria.  I feel bad that I was not able to  spend as much time with Ms. Burrito because  I focused my attention to Mr. Burrito.  I explained to her that it's  her brother's first time celebrating the occasion in school so I made sure I was there.  I went to her classroom a couple of  times but did not stay very long.
For every party  in school  parents are  assigned to bring treats, snacks, and drinks.  I was assigned  to bring drinks this time.  I bought some Yohoo chocolate milk  and Kool Aid juice.  After the Egg hunt, we let the children eat their snacks, and then we end the party with games.

One of the Moms  prepared a game  for the kindergartners.  She  poke a hole on the eggs, emptied it out, boiled the shell and when it was cleaned, she put confetti in them.  Then she told the kids  something like a tradition of  breaking the eggs in their head for good luck.  They had so much fun cracking the eggs in their heads, we made a big mess lol!

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