Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mega Eggs

My daughter was fascinated by these mega eggs displayed at Hobby Lobby.  She said that it would be nice to find one of these during Easter Egg Hunt and find  a full Easter treat inside.
It would take  5-10 bags of candies to fill this up lol..  This would be nice to display during  Easter parties in school.  Have you seen this kind of mega eggs from the store?

Colorful Bean Bag Chairs

During our visit to one of the  stores  near our area, we were drawn to these color displays of  Bean Bag Chairs and other home   furniture and displays.  My daughter is in  cloud nine exploring everything from this store.  We bought her an art book that she has been using now to sketch her  artistic imagination.  This little area in the entrance of the store is really an eye catching spot that everyone that come to the store has to stop and look at every piece.  I love the  divider and I wanted  something like it  when we separate our living room and dining room.  I mean, we want to convert our dining room into a  bedroom and since we have a big living room, we are  contemplating  on  putting the dining area on the half part of the living room.
Anyway, moving on to the other  part of the store, we went to the garden area and found these beautiful displays of flowers.  They also have  some selection of Garden Sheds and other gardening products.  If only I have the budget, I would definitely buy many things from this store hahaha.  It's just an enjoyable place to  walk around to, I admire every piece of  products they have  although I am not fond of the prices lol.
I was not impressed with their office stuff but saw some  great selection of desks and other office furniture online at  We area also planning to move my office down our basement so I will be very busy this summer time tending to my garden and doing some home improvement projects with my husband.  How about you, do you have a line up of  projects to do this summer season?

For travel plan this year, hubby and I  booked a week-long stay in Maryland.  We want to   experience  a beach kind of getaway since we are very far from beaches.  We live in a mountainous region of West Virginia and beach is something  that we  need to drive far  in order to enjoy it.  We don't want to deprive the kids from this experience so even if it's far, we planned on going. Planning your travel ahead is must if you want to enjoy  travel deals and packages.  YOu can save money and time in doing so. How about you, any plans to travel to this year?  

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...