Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honoring Heroes on Veteran's Day 2014

The kids are off  from school today for Veteran's Day.  The kids wishes that  they could spend their day off with the Veteran himself but Daddy has to go to work.  The company doesn't give the Veterans a day off during Veteran's day.   It's sad to think that not many gives a special recognition to Veterans who  have spent  their lives working away from their families just to protect the country and  give us our freedom.
Anyway, the kids made some special things for their Dad and Pap.  I will let the photos  talk.
Rye Bread's short article
EJ's article 
Cards they made.
Happy Veteran's Day to all those who served and protected us including  the heroes in our family, late Uncle Paul (Dad's brother who fought, died, and was buried in Normandy France).  Him and Dad both served in WW2 and another brother, late Uncle Blair (was sent home after  Paul died).  Dad  spent most of his  Army days in Asian countries just like  what  my husband  did for 20 years in the Navy.
To all the Veterans, thank you so much for your services!

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