Friday, January 29, 2016

Board Game NIght at Home

Of all the board games, my favorite is scrabble.  I used to play this when I was still in college together with my co-student assistants assigned at the Father's Quarter of the school.  Even the priests played with us sometimes.  
 My son designated Saturday as our game night.  He said that it would be fun to watch a movie while we are playing  a board game.  We ended up  just  playing a board game and not turning on the  TV  because it  would just be a distraction.
 I love scrabble because it makes you think and strategize.  Both of my kids are very competitive so  it makes them think and improved their vocabulary.  This is the first time, my husband joined us playing scrabble so he couldn't quite get the rules yet.
 When we got done, the dogs are seeking attention too so they were excited to play along.
 Having a game night is such a great idea so kudos to  EJ for thinking it.
 This is one of those things that we added in our routine this year.  Aside from that, we also read the Bible every night before we go to bed.  We are trying to strengthen our faith by understanding what is written in the Bible.
 Hubby and I  realized how time flies by so fast so we  would love to spend time with the kids as much as we can.  Soon they will have to start  branching out and  finding their own path but for now, we want to enjoy their company.
I helped my son play but my daughter  is so independent that she refused to help.  At the end though, I  helped her strategize in placing some of her tiles which ended up  her winning.  I love the fact that not only they are learning the game but they are also learning things like accepting help from someone from time to time.  

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