Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Birthday Gifts from the Howells Family

Daughter is showered with beautiful gifts by the Howells family.  They gave her this  big box of goodies when they came home from their  vacation.  Thank you so much  Angie, Sarah, and Liz for these!  Rylie was  beaming with joy when she was telling me about   her gifts.  
 At her age, she is starting to be more self conscious of how she looks.   Sometimes I get a little frustrated when she wants to do her own thing instead of listening to what I say but I understand that she is just starting to  develop  and discover things  of her own.  It scares me sometimes but I know that it is part of her growth.
 The watch is perfect for one of her dresses that she loves to wear to church.  She is not into bracelets yet but I find this bracelet elegant.
 This butterfly  hair clip is perfect for her long hair.  If only, she would let me help her  do her hair, it would be fun.
 She  used this bubble bath already and had a wonderful time (long time actually).
 This fun and summer-y nail polish is perfect to brighten  her fingernails and toenails.
 This glittery lip gloss  is so cute.  She doesn't really use  cosmetics yet but this qwould be a fun remembrance from our thoughtful neighbors.  They are like a family to us.
 Thank you once again to the Howells family for the presents.
At TEN years old, she is  little but I can definitely see  that he is developing into a little lady already.   8-12 years old is often referred to as the Tween Years or the in between years.  I haven't seen  too much attitude yet which I am hoping would stay that way till her teen years so we won't clash lol.  

Listening to Music with Her Headphone on Our Roadtrip

Our daughter brought her  iPod and  headphone on our road trip.  She listens to music while we are on the road.  Sometimes, she sings along with the music and her brother would jam in.  I am so glad that I found and read the  beats pro review as I have found the   good quality of head phones that she's been using for three years now.  I make it a point to read  review  of real customers before I buy something.  

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...