Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Rhododendron Girls State: Graduation: Part 2

We went back to Davis and Elkins College the next weekend to attend the graduation ceremonies for the Rhododendron Girls State.
We can tell how physically exhausted our daughter was after  a weeklong activities.  
It was a nice ceremony and it seems like most of the girls had a great time.
Rhododendron Girls State is a great program, however, our daughter didn't enjoyed it as much but she was glad that she attended because she met  friends that she still communicates with till this day.

They were given chords that they can wear when they graduate high school.  It said that it was the first year that they actually gave the participants the chords which was nice.
As exhausted as she was, we expected that she wanted to go home after the ceremony.  We did not attend the reception so she  wasn't able to participate in photo session.
I am glad she let us take few pictures before we head out to the dorm and got her stuff.
The two students from Madonna High School were featured in this article by Herald Star.

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