Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Despicable Me DVD Movie

On the  early morn of Ms. Burrito's birthday, we let her open the gifts we got for her before we went on our road trip going to Cleveland and  Mentor Ohio.  Mr. Burrito  made something for his sister, he said it isn't a store bought but  he said it is a special one.  He even wrapped it by himself so no one will see it.

We asked what is it and he said it 's a mini  trash bin so her sister  will have something to put her little mess when doing an art.  Oh what a  practical thinking for the little mister lol.

We got her some board games, Dispecable Me movie, and curlers.
We have been playing the monopoly and scrabble, a great family  games.
One of the gifts we got for her is a pack of  different sizes of curlers.
She has been using it since.  I showed her  once how to use it and  she does it now by herself.  She reminds me of myself when I was a kid as  I always wanted a curly hair.
Thank you also to the Howells family, the Dias family, and the Fancher family for the   precious gifts.  I will be posting it one by one here in Ms. Burrito's blog.

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