Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spelling, Blogging, Coloring and a Treat.

Hi everyone. I am happy to share to you the ribbon that my teacher gave me last week. We have this game inside our classroom where we have to spell words. I was the last person standing so I am happy and it made my Mom and Dad very happy and proud.

My Mom calls me a machine because I love to do things. I get bored easy at home when we are not doing anything. She is good in hiding stuff that we don't give importance to at the time it was given to us so i when I am bored, she takes it out and give it to me like these small coloring books.

This a twistee candy that was included in my Easter basket treat from my Tita Chris.

You may not believe it but I take blogging seriously. IT takes me a long time to post but I am getting there and I am learning.
My Mom took this photo when I was bloghopping one day.
I am wishing you a good week ahead. Thank you once again for always visiting and leaving me inspiring comments. For my ABC entry, I am sharing my Profile Picture.

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