Thursday, March 31, 2022

Winter Fun: Sled Riding

Our kids are just 18 months apart so they are super close to each other.  They were often mistaken as twins when they were little.  I am glad that we had them in such a close gap.  It was tough but we made it through.  These two are growing up so well and we can't ask for more. 
We had  big snows during the winter and they decided to go sled riding.  I had to take these photos before they left since I did not go with them.  Now that our daughter is driving already, they can pretty much go anywhere without us unless they need parental supervision.
They still opposes pictures being taken but I'm glad they  let me from time to time.  I think they will appreciate these captured memories when they are grown up.
Blake was still so little in these pics.  It was funny watching him run around the snow and eats them as he dove in them.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Volleyball Season 2021

Another volleyball season has ended.  Our daughter played both for the Junior varsity and the varsity team.  I am glad that she had fun and gained more experience as a team player.  I am going to miss watching her play when she finished high school.  
Volleyball is fun to watch.  I am glad that she wasn't working yet when the season is going on because it would be hard for her.  
I am glad she had a fun season.  We had fun watching too except those far places that they had to  go to play.

She told us that she won't be playing sports in college but I'm hoping that she would play volleyball even in college.
Anyway, this season was so much fun to watch.  She definitely improved her serves.  This is her second season.  I think she regretted that she didn't  play during her freshman year. 
Madonna High School's varsity team is losing 5 seniors next season so hopefully, there would be  more that would join.  They almost won the city championship, it was a very close game.

Some videos below.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Junior Ring Ceremony #MHS23

My daughter's class had their Junior Ring ceremony last December 3rd, 2021 at St. Joseph the Worker Church.  Another big milestone for our first born.  There's no stopping her from growing, makes me  so excited and at the same time sad that she is  slowly slipping away from us.  I'm excited to see what's in store for her in the future, I hope and pray that hubby and I are still around to see it.  As long as we're still alive, we will be supporting whatever career path they choose.
Junior ring ceremony marks the transition of underclassmen into upperclassmen. Juniors are presented with their school rings, which symbolize their becoming the future senior class and the potential leaders of their school. The event holds more significance than the mere presentation of jewelry, it is one of the few important milestones of the students' high school life.
Since Madonna is a faith-based high school, the  ring ceremony was held  with a mass celebration with our parish priest.   The rings were blessed before they are presented to the students.
One thing I love about Madonna High School is that, their learning is centered towards faith.  Kids nowadays really need this kind of learning environment since there's just so many evils happening in the world.  
Fr. Dennis really does a great job in guiding our  students by professing the word of the Lord.
This event was held when  the pandemic is still going on so they had to wear masks but I'm still grateful that they can do it despite the situation.  They missed out on a lot of  school activities because of Covid.
Ads of this writing, two of their  classmates have left the school which makes me sad.  Their class is getting smaller each year.
It's great to see the smiling faces of these  youngsters.

 I can't believe they are almost through with their Junior year.  One more year and our  daughter will head out to college.  It makes me sad to think about it but glad that hubby and I were there to witness every milestones that our children experiences.

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