Saturday, December 21, 2019

Four Ways to Deal with Illness as a Parent

Everyone gets ill – but when you have little ones to look after, it can be even more traumatic, when you’re trying to look after yourself at the same time. This can be even more of an issue if you’re a single parent and don’t have backup to help you out with all of your daily errands and keep an eye on the kids while you take some time out.

Whether you suffer from a chronic illness or are worried about getting poorly as a parent, here are four ways you can deal with the issue in the best way possible:

1. Supervise from your bed

Although you may want to keep going as normal and watch the kids at all times, it’s essential that you give yourself the chance to recover. Don’t feel guilty about supervising from your bed; your body deserves the chance to rest. The more rest you get, the quicker you’ll start to feel better.

Preferably, it would be great for the kids to spend time quietly playing by themselves, so you can switch off. In order to achieve this, leave out toys, games and arts and crafts, as well as set the TV to their favorite channel to keep them occupied while you rest.

2. Ask for help if you need it

If you have family and friends offering to help out when you’re too ill to do anything, don’t turn down their assistance in fear you’re going to cause them trouble. Their offer is genuine and will give you the chance to have some much-needed recovery time. Whether you need a nap or can’t quite face picking the kids up from school, don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you.

It would be a good idea to offer help to others around you before you get ill, so others are much more likely to return the favor, should the same happen to you.

3. Rest IV therapy

If you’re not in a position to call in back-up when you get ill and have to simply get on with things without any help, you may be feeling extremely stressed about how you’re going to cope if you get poorly. Luckily, there are ways that you can get instant relief from your symptoms from techniques such as Reset IV hydration therapy. This solution involves a medical professional inserting a small tube into your vein containing a saline solution and other additives to replace lost fluids and electrolytes that are causing you to feel under the weather. 
This simple yet effective method should allow you to get back on your feet in no time at all.

4. Keep the cupboards full

If the cupboards are empty and you’re worrying that a hectic trip to the grocery store will zap your last bit of energy, make sure you purchase enough food for the next few days so you don’t have to leave the house – or better still, do an online order. This means that you can cut down on your daily errands when the time comes and won’t have to worry that your to-do list is mounting up.

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