Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter and Spring Break Activities

My Burritos are on  Spring/Easter break for 12 days since last Saturday.  Since we can not go outside to play, I am running out of fun things to do for them lol. During the first two days, they worked on the  setting up their Rock Lab from the collection of rocks that they have.  I cleaned our home the other day but they  asked me not to clean their Rock Lab that they set up in their room.
After we ate breakfast yesterday, Ms. Burrito decided to dress up and asked me to take some photos.
Glad she had the princess dresses that she can use  every time she wants.
After the dress up game, I asked them what they want for Easter.  An idea sparked in their mind to write a letter to the Easter Bunny, I find it very cute.
After they wrote the letter, I played an upbeat music, the pop workout disc that I have, then we danced until we were all sweating and tired.   I went to the kitchen to make us a snack then  when I came back, they were both sleeping lol.  Their nap lasted for  two hours, wow!  

So Mommies, if  you want to do something fun with your kids,  play some  music and dance with them.  They will get tired and take nap afterwards.

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