Saturday, April 28, 2012

Practicing Tennis

We never tried playing tennis in the courtyard but we want to learn how. The photos were taken a couple of weeks ago in front of my father-in-law's house after we got out from church. We decided to practice hitting the tennis ball back and forth.
The kids had so much fun even if the tennis racket are a little heavier for their  age.
I think that this is  the game that the whole family will enjoy if we could  have a lot of practice.
I was wearing heels that day so my shoes were digging through the  ground lol.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My son has these collections of dinosaurs and he plays with them a lot!
My favorite are the pink ones!
I was teasing him  when I saw the lion and zebra, I  joke and said "Are they dinosaurs too?"  He immediately replied "You're silly Mom."
So there you go, my son's  Dino toys.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remembering Disney World

Meeting a family friend for the first is exciting, meeting them in Disney is magical!  I "met" Dhemz of Life's Perception and Inspiration  three years ago back when we were still in Korea and they lived in California.  Now that we are back in the States, they also moved and lives in  the beautiful State of Texas.
Anyhow, we decided to meet last year and Orlando Florida was our meeting place.  We spent most of our  one week vacation in Disney World.  Our kids had so much fun.  Now, the kids wants to go back  to Disney again and possibly meet their friend Akesha.

These are just some of the gazillion photos that  we had  with our magical moments in Disney World.  Special thanks to sistah Dhemz for the pictures!
Oh look at those happy faces,  they definitely  are overjoyed!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Invitation Draft

I feel bad for my husband because he is studying so hard for his finals this week. He is scared that he might  fail his test on Tax subject.  I can understand what he is feeling right now because I had a very hard time with my Tax subject as well.  I literally  squeezed my brain to pass the subject and I did so I am sure that my husband   will be able to do it too.  He is just  being so hard on himself, he wants to  maintain  his   high grades so he is scared that it might   go down if he bomb the test.

I hope and pray that he would be able to pull this off.  I was  telling him earlier before he left to school that I would  throw him a party  for his graduation lol.  His adviser told him to  apply for the graduation after this semester even if he still have three  subjects to take this summer.  I am thinking of ordering some graduation announcements and  send it out to close friends and family if he  finishes the summer classes.  That would  be something to  celebrate and a small party for the big Daddy will be great.  I know what my husband is capable of and I  believe in his  ability and talent.  So this is just a matter of him conquering his fears.

Anyhow, this is me being optimistic so I made a draft for  a graduation invitation.  I like the software that Invitation Box has in their website.  There are so many features  that you can use like Sepia and Black and White.  You can view the sample cards, get etiquette  and advice,  and even a grammar advice.  To me those are great features that  customers could use to beter   personalize their invitation.  So kudos for Invitation Box for  having these great tools in the site.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Timeline of Life

Ms. Burrito got a big project last weekend. This is what made me and her busy all weekend.  I am glad, I have the blog to dig into about the dates and details of our events.    And because of this, I realized that I did not have  a hard copy of our  island hopping in Jeju Do, South Korea.  Luckily, I still have those photos in my hard drive so I can still order them online. 
 Mr. Burrito wanted to be involved too si we let them help do  Ms. Burrito's 
"The Timeline of My Life" project.  The title reminds me of Facebook hehehe.
I took a picture of her  before she left this morning.
You may enlarge the photo by clicking it.  Thanks for visiting Ms. Burrito's Online NooK!  It would be so NICE to get feedback from visitors like YOU!

Easter Get-Together

We were invited by some of the Filipinos who live in the area for an Easter get together at Starvaggi Park last Sunday.  I enjoyed   lots of Filipino foods and the kids had so much fun playing with 
I brought  two Easter buckets for the Burritos to use during the egg hunt.
Counting the eggs that they got.  The eggs were loaded with candies and chocolates!

Aside from the sweets inside the eggs, the organizer also prepared  prizes for the kids.  Mr. Burrito got the second prize and Ms. Burrito the third prize.  Below are the prizes they got, thanks Tita Agnes!
Easter here is definitely  different  from what I have known growing up.  IN the Philippines, Holy Week is more on contemplating, praying, fasting, and all that religious stuff.  Over here, it's more of a fun celebration,  but  I like it because it's fun for the kids.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...