Friday, July 31, 2015

Parenting is a HEART Work

I have two tweens at home  and their personalities clashes sometimes because they have different interests.  One of the   things that they have in common is music and arts so I am very pleased with that.  They are such good kids  but that doesn't mean that they are  saints either, they have their moments for sure that sometimes makes me question  my  role as a parent.  Hubby and I are constantly  learning  ways to  become better  parents to our children.  We are always seeking ways to improve our ways in handling our children's situations.  
We learn from other parents, we learn from other kids, and we certainly learn from our own children.  Our children can teach us valuable lessons too so we have to be very open in learning and seeing the signs that our kids are telling us.  When my kids were little, I was very hot tempered, my patience is very short and it was affecting how I handle things at home.  It affects my kids and it certainly affects my   confidence of  doing my job as a Mom.  As they grow older, I also changed my ways and now, I can handle things better in a very calm way.  I am glad that there are parenting books that we can read these days. I got a copy of this Parenting is a Heart Work  that was  written by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.  They are the same authors that wrote the book I  reviewed previously, the Motivate Your Child Action Plan.  
So far, I am enjoying it's content.  I am not done  reading the entire book but it definitely shed some lights about my parenting ways.  It gives me   wonderful insights on how to handle things with our kids.  I love that they  uses  examples from real parents and they also  site  stuff from the Bible.  
With so many  messed up stuff happening in this world, we have to be very vigilant and get involved in our children's lives.  Our world is changing and   every generation is changing their ways.  We need to be proactive and constantly  look for ways on how we could raise our children to be a better citizen someday.  They are our future so the way they will be as adult  depends on how we raise them as individuals.
Parents are children's first teachers.  Their learning starts from our home, it starts with us.  We become their big influence on how they would act in  public.  Reinforcing  strong morals and good behavior in our kids is important as  they would soon be exposed  in the real world and  see and experience things differently.  
If you instill a great foundation in them, there's a greater chance that they would do just fine in the challenges that they will face in the real world.  There are parents nowadays who are scared to discipline their child.  Disciplining your child  doesn't mean you have to do it  physically, the  great way to handle discipline is through reaching their emotions, touching their hearts.  
I am very strict Mom but I also have limitations.  I set limits for my kids and I also set limit for myself.  It needs to be balanced.  Sometimes we  forget to listen to what our kids is saying.  I have been there but I learned my lesson and glad that I corrected myself and now I have a better  communication with my kids.  
I used to tell them that I should be followed because I am the Mom but it was wrong.  I changed my approach and now  things are better with me and my kids.  I am not  stressed and they are happy.  You see, parenting is a constant learning process, it's a work in progress.  You will learn everyday.  This book is really a great read for every parents out there.  You will learn   a different approach for  different situation.  You can buy this here via Amazon for $12.90
The National Center for Biblical Parenting is launching their  Parent Training Center program  to help  churches disciple parents.  You can check further details at website.  When your church sign upm  the book will  be included in the Parent Training Centers.
To find out morem please watch the video below.

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