Wednesday, May 27, 2020

May Crowning 2019 SJS

If this year is stagnant and uneventful (school activities) due to nCov19, last year was hectic for us.  Here's the timeline for last year

We had a day to rest after the brain-exhausting battle for the History Bowl, well not really a rest because we had to pack for our 3-day trip to Washington DC.  Then when we came back Saturday night from DC and the next morning, they had their  May Crowning.  These poor kids literally had a grueling tasks physically and mentally.
 But they showed up like real troopers for the May Crowning.
 This year's May Crowning got delayed but they had it once the  church reopened.
 For those non-Catholics who wonders what even is May Crowning, it  is a traditional Roman Catholic ritual that occurs in the month of May.  May devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary refer to special Marian devotions held in the Catholic Church during the month of May honoring the Virgin Mary as "the Queen of May"
 The 8th grade class chooses one of their peers to be the May Queen.
 Despite being tired, their smiles can melt everyone's hearts.
 A little celebration at Theo Yiannis after the occasion.
Now that the kids are done with the cyber works for school, I can slowly post  some of the events that I neglected to write about last year.  I just need some time and motivation lol.

Junior Dons #SportsBanquet2019

We missed out on a lot of  school events in 2020.  Everything was put to a complete halt while the 
pandemic is going on.I am glad that my son was able to enjoy the basketball season before the Covid19.  He wasn't able to enjoy track and field but they  pre-conditioned before that. Anyway, these photos were taken during their  sports banquet in May 10th of 2019, my daughter's last year at St. Joseph School.
My daughter was not able to play volleyball during her freshman year at Madonna but she was ready to play tennis, to bad it got cancelled as well.
 Hopefully when  everything gets back to normal, they will be able to play sports again. This  corona virus is really taking a toll on everything.
Rye with Julia and Mrs. Fuscardo.
EJ with the Zhao brothers and Michael I.

Track Coach, Mr. Buterbaugh

Jr. Don athletic team 2019

With Lydia M. and Juliana V.
Junior Dons 8th grade athletes

With Ally P and JV.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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