Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Mother Dear

My Mommy is funny
She makes us laugh
with her facial expressions and silly jokes.

Mommy cooks delicious foods for us
She always insist for us to eat veggies and fruits
She also let us help in the kitchen.
She taught me different household chores.

Mommy can be carefree at times
But she is pretty strict
especially when she teaches us at home.

Mommy is my first teacher
She and Dad taught me the alphabet, counting, and do math problems.
So even if I did not attend pre-school
I know most of the things that our teacher is teaching us in kindergarten.

I just had my first Math test last week
Guess what I've got?
You are the "Math Queen"
My teacher says.

I told Mom and Dad about it
and they are so proud.
I told them I am proud of them too
and thank them for teaching me at home.

We love you so much Mom and Dad!

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