Monday, March 11, 2013

Internet is a Blessing

I am so thankful that   Internet existed.  I don't think I would  have  met my husband without it.    The student assistant  at the  Student Affairs Office  introduced me to an online dating site.    She was the one who  created my account/profile as I was very busy back then writing my thesis.

At the last hour of the  free trial for my account, this US Navy guy  sent me a  message and that was the start.  We communicated for  almost six months, got to know each other through chat and phone calls.  Then on March 22, 2003, he decided to visit my country  and met me in person for the first time.

Six months after   his first visit, he came back and we got married and the rest is history.  Internet is a really a blessing for me, I am now married for almost ten years and have two  precious children.
I couldn't imagine my life without Internet.  It is part of my love story.  Here's a photo of me and my husband during our first "real date".

So glad I gave  an online dating a try.  Look what I could have missed if I didn't..   Thanks to my  angel "Ruth" for hooking me a up.  

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