Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fun and Silly Moments

Summer time is a fun time for kids because they are off from school and they can enjoy the  warm weather everyday.  We  have  fun games at home  that both can play inside the house when the  heat of the sun is so intense.  We bought our daughter some crafts to do like crochet and  weaving kit.  She has been doing  neat stuff like  pot holders and even sell some of  it.  Our son, on the other hand, is not into  doing any craft at all so keeping him busy  is a little tough when we don't go somewhere.

One thing that he likes whenever he is  inside the house is playing  cartoon network games online.  There are  many games like Naruto that enhances their    way of thinking.  It makes their mind think faster  figuring out the right technique to win the game.  If you are looking for some summer games to play when you and your kids can not go outside to play, try visiting the  above mentioned website because they have a huge selection of  fun games  to play.  

Right now, my kids are   creating designs from the play dough machine.  This enhances their creativity and  camaraderie to work together.  I love it when both of my kids are  working good together.  Hubby and I gave them  reward for that once in a while.  Sometimes, fun means  being just silly with each other while enjoying their snacks.  

These two are night and day sometimes but  the one thing in common that they have is to brighten up my day!

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