Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bluewater Road Kids Tees

Hello my  finest friends in blogging world.  It has been a while since  my  MoM let me  write in this blog.  I have been  busy  since the school started especially now that  I am into the  gifted program.  Mom thought that it would affect my grades but for me it is just the  same, I can not tell any difference except the extra cool and fun  things that we do when we go to my  special class.   My teacher in the  gifted program pulls me and one of my classmates every Thursday to have our  class  for   one hour.  I love it because we get to do  things that we do not normally do in our classroom.  Right now, we are studying about Canada and  did a project where we have to create an animal  that is made  up of different things.  It is pretty cool.  I am also  excited  because we are having a field trip  on the 7th of November and that would be my very first time to go. I think my Mom would blog about that so I will just leave  the details to her.

Anyway, I was  literally jumping up and down when my Mom said that she has something especial for me and that  she would let me write about it.  I am very happy to see a  tee with my name on it, I love it!

The owner of Bluewater Road Designs was very  generous to  provide me and my brother   personalized shirts to review.  I will be reviewing  my tee only though.  I have a beautiful  personalized birthday glitter t-shirt.  This t-shirt is great because it is soft,comfortable, and stylish.  It is not a very complicated shirt, but it is not just a plain shirt either, it is perfect.  I love the glitter and it is my favorite color too.  I am going to wear this to school and my friends will be jealous!

I don't know how to  do the linky thing so my Mommy did it for me.  It is the links where you can check out  Bluewater Road Kids in  Pinterest and  on  Etsy Shop where you can make your orders.

If you have kids like me who likes cool stuff such as the tee that I am wearing, I think that you should consider ordering them a personalized shirt with their name on it.  I know this because my brother said to me that he wishes he has a shirt with his name  on it as well.

I apologize for the  the messy hair, I just could not wait to try the tee when I saw it.  My Mom wanted to comb my hair before she takes my pictures but I told her that it is fine.  I do not look bad right?  I would like to  extend my gratitude to Bluewater Road Kids Design for sending me this beautiful tee that I am wearing.

Disclaimer:  I did not receive monetary compensation in writing this review, I do however, received the tee I described above for free.

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