Thursday, November 29, 2012

LIl' Fashionista

These photos were taken four years ago when we were still living in Korea.  My sister-in-law  made her some sort of a legging and she  paired it with one of  her top and other accessories.  Here we go, Mommy kept the camera rolling lol.
I'll leave you the last photo with a big smile to say, thank you for being part of our online life!  Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Hottest Skateboarding Trends

Quality skateboards will always be in style. But the designs, fashions, and accessories that skateboarders enjoy fall in and out of vogue. What's hot today may be out next season.

Not sure what's in style now? Here are some of the hottest skateboarding trends to guide you:

Retro Plastic Skateboards

Glossy, plastic skateboards enjoyed their heyday in the 1970s. Now these discount skateboards are making a comeback and are among the hottest skateboarding trends. This durable, functional board has a cool, retro design that will make you feel nostalgic even if you weren't around to see the 70s yourself.

Hybrid Skate Shoes

The shoes you wear to keep a good grip on your board may not necessarily look good on the dance floor -- until now. Hybrid skate shoes give you the functionality you need when you're doing tricks on your board and the style you want when you're out with your friends. No need to keep a change of shoes, so you can pack light!

Upcycled Skateboard Jewelry

Show off your love of skateboarding by wearing cuffs and chains made out of upcycled skateboard parts. Ball bearing shells and bolts can become rings, strips of board can be molded into bangles, and other pieces can be turned into pendants and other fun accessories. Show off your love of the sport while also indulging in one of the hottest skateboarding trends of the season.

What are some of your favorite skateboarding trends this season? Share your thoughts on these trends in the comments!

Youth Leadership Graduation

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