Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Music Jewelry Box

I was looking at the posts from my blog and looking for specific post that my Mom might have posted but I did not see it. So I am posting it right now while my brother is not using this computer yet to play his game.  The reason why I was looking for this post because I wanted to forward it to my music teacher who gave me this precious gift when I won the Doodle4Google for the state of West Virginia.
She gave this to me after school and I was very surprised and  excited  because she never mentioned that she was going to give me something.
I love the message she wrote on the card and the message itself on the music box!
Thank you so much Mrs. Bernardi for this wonderful gift!  I will forever treasure this.  You have helped me so much in pushing myself to learn more about playing the piano right.  Thank you for your suggestion for me to try at Doquesne University.  I am getting excited to  start my lessons there.  I am so glad that my parents   decided to  keep my former music teacher for this year.  Mrs. Fedoush is such a good teacher.  I just feel bad that  my parents has to pay so much for my piano lessons.  But I am so thankful!  I thank God that  I have great parents and great teachers.

Thank you for  dropping by and for leaving me a comment.  I enjoy reading them every time.



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