Thursday, November 28, 2013

Caught in Action!

Aha, somebody could not wait for  dinner.  The sweet tooth is kicking in and  could not resist the  temptation lol.  Caught in Action!

Goodness, look how much satisfaction he gets from M&Ms?  His face looks in bliss hahaah.

It was my fault though, I  cook a little bit late because of my darn migraine arghhh.  Glad it went away and I got to do online tasks before going to bed, whew!  

Music Calling

When we were just planning to buy our daughter a piano, we consider getting  an electric one.  We even looked at the great casio cdp 120 but the  manager from the store where we bought it influenced us to buy the  traditional one, so that's what we did.  Playing piano is really my daughter's calling.  I am so impressed of how much progressed she have made ever since she  started  taking  lessons  ten months ago.  Nothing can beat the  joy of listening to one of your kids  play.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Little Maxxinista

I found a comfy  long sleeve top for my  little miss when we went to  TJ Maxx during the opening.  There are so many fabulous clothing there that  I'd love to buy for my daughter.  There are also many art supplies that this little maxxininista wants to buy from there.  
I am thinking of becoming a member of TJ Maxx so we could enjoy their deals.  I'd think about it and if I see the need, I would.
How about you, have you ever shop at TJ Maxx?

Cowboy Clothes for Babies

Cowboys Infant Girl Top and Legging Give the little ones in your life a boost as football fans when you shop for Cowboy clothes for babies at shops like Baby Fans. Finding the perfect spirit gear for the smallest members of your own personal Cowboys team of fans is not a problem when you visit a store, in-person or online, that specializes in creating fun T-Shirts, sweatshirts and other gear for the smallest members of the league. 

Baby NFL fans are in luck when companies focus on high-quality clothing that will last through the season and much more. Hand-me-downs for the next small family fan are not out of the question, so even when one baby Cowboys fan outgrows their outfits, the quality will last for all the babies who follow. 

While everyone else is putting on sweatshirts, hoodies and jerseys, there is no reason that babies can't become a full part of the excitement. Your little bundle of joy will become a part of the cheering action and a visible reminder of how much joy there is in the sport of football, especially as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. 

Look for body suits and baby football bibs with Cowboys designs and symbols for small babies. Eating neatly has never been more fun and loyal to a team than this outfit. For the slightly older bunch of boys, choose a tough guy polo shirt that features thick horizontal stripes in silver and blue. Your handsome little guy will be the best dressed fan in the house with this classic style. 

Dallas Cowboys Infant/Toddler Sweatsuit Look for a warm, long-sleeved body suit that features the phrase "My Dad and I" to commemorate your little one's first big game with you and the rest of the family. Sleepers, creepers, onesies and other classic sleep outfits let your baby enjoy the game in supreme comfort and style. 

Find rompers that feature the designation of being a Cowboys Fan in Training, as well as mini-uniform jammies. Your baby can go straight from game time to bed time with this fantastic array of Cowboys attire choices. 

As your babies get a little older, hoodies, jackets and sweatpants are natural choices in their wardrobe's progression. 

Don't forget the little girl fans of the Cowboys. Choose a toddler girl polo shirt or an infant girl top with leggings, all in deep blue and silver. Look for some outfits and pink, as well as others that feature tutus. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Multicolored Kid Book from FlattenMe

My daughter received a lot of compliments from her classmates and friends whenever she brings her personalized water bottle that I got from FlattenMe.  Her teachers even liked it.That's why I was delighted when I  was  asked  again to  review this Multicolored Kid Book, I immediately said yes.  My son love reading books now  so I akm sure that he would love this book just like he love reading the other personalized book that I got hm last year from  a different company.  
This colorful book was  Illustrated by Jennifer Hess, the creator of flattenme's Sillybug and the ABC & 123 book.  The book  contains beautiful color that  expresses their emotions, colors that describes the  things  and activities that they can do.  It's really a very entertaining book that you can get for your little ones.  The name of your child to be included in the story would surely encourage them to read as they would feel more  special and loved.  I got the paperback which cost $29.95.  I wish that I could have paid   an additional amount so I  could have get him the   hard cover one but I guess it doesn't matter, my son would love it anyway.  I haven't give this to him yet, I wrapped it and put it under our Christmas tree..  

Here's an illustration video on how to create personalized products at FlattenMe.
By the way, FlattenMe has a Holiday Cheer giveaway going on right now and they are giving fabulous prizes, you can below.  There will be 33 lucky holiday winners so make sure to check it out and enter.  You can get in touch with them through their pages at Facebook Pinterest Twitter Blog Thanks again Flattenme!

Disclaimer:  The authors of this blog did not receive monetary compensation in writing this review.  The product mentioned above was  provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.  Opinions  expressed  is  100% of the authors and not influenced in any way.

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Home

I used to  host a party or my kids birthdays at home but not anymore.  Once in a while though, I love decorating our kitchen for special occasion  just for my family.  Like this  Thanksgiving, I am planning to  buy me  one of those checkered tablecloths because we are not going anywhere so  I am planning to cook here and celebrate at home.  I have so many things to be thankful for  and that includes having friends around online and offline.  So thank YOU for being  one!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Snow Fun

We had our very first  snow fall last Tuesday so even though it was just  small, my kids wanted to play with it so I let them after they came out from school and have done their homework.

They did not  enough to make a snowman but they made a mickey mouse  head.

All the snow has melted now and they are waiting for more snow fall so they could have fun.  Me on the other hand can't stand very long out in the snow as I get so cold so easily  even if I am bundled up.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decade Day

We brought our kids with us  for a very important appointment  last Thursday.  I sent an excuse letter to the their teachers prior to that day  and I am so grateful that they let them. When we came back  from our appointment, the  package  is waiting for us in our mailbox.  It contains the  matching outfits that Hip Hop 50's Shop has sent  me  for review.  
As you can see  in the photos, she is very delighted  with her poodle skirt  set outfit.  She wishes that she had this  during the Halloween but I told her that she can still use it next year.  

I am guessing that the poodle  skirt was a big  fashion signature  back in the 50's.  It's fun to go back in time through the fashion evolution though.  I am glad that there  is a company that showcases  this era, thanks to Hip Hop  50's Shop for bringing back those fun and remarkable outfits.

Our canine babies  love to be in the photos whenever  we are trying to take some photos.  When  my kids came home from school last Friday, they have this note from school in  connection with the Thanksgiving celebration

My daughter  is very excited because the  outfit that she just got from Hip Hop 50's Shop  came  at a perfect timing for this event.  She  can't wait to  wear this  on the "Decade Day".  She will be representing the 50's with the poodle skirt.

Thank you so much  Hip Hop 50's Shop for the poodle skirts you guys sent us.  I would definitely choose their  outfit over  costumes that are cheaply made.  Hip Hop 50's Shop's  clothing are  made of high quality material and they are well made!  Check them out if you want to  bring back the fashion in 50's.

Disclaimer:  The authors of this blog  did NOT receive  monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products mentioned  above  are provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turkey Hunting? Not Allowed

If you want to  have some good idea on what to do with your shoe boxes, try this craft that Ms. Burrito brought from school,  a turkey habitat inside the   show box.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, turkey will be  the most  likely to be served during Thanksgiving feast.  She said that to protect Momma turkeys,  No Hunting sign at a  turkey habitat  could prevent it.

Speaker System

Our speaker system is exactly like this classic bose 20 that I have seen online.  My husband bought this from the military base store when he was still in the service for such affordable price.  We love the quality of its sound especially when all of us are watching a movie at home that we really love.  How about you, hat kind of speaker  do you have at home?

Veteran's Day in Young Mind's Perception

Miss Burrito made a  pop up card for her Dad during Veteran's Day.  I will let the messages  inside the card do the talking on how highly  she looked up to her Dad.

I love how she put sweat pouring on the little guy's face lol.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand made a small  flag for his Dad and it was so cute, I forgot to take a photo of it though.
Shadow Shots

Friday, November 8, 2013

Michael Jackson and Asian Princess Costumes

Michael Jackson and Asian Princess are the costumes that I bought for my kids  this year.  I asked my kids not to do trick or treating this year because it was raining the wind was blowing but they insisted to go because they wanted to wear their costume, so we went despite the weather.

Our neighbors always prepares special treats for our  kids every year.  We only went to one of our neighbors but  the others gave their treat to them   the next day.

My son did not want to  wear his afro but I insisted for him to wear it since it was raining and cold that  night.  At the end, he thanked me for it because not only that his head did not get wet, he was also complimented for his looks./

After a house or two, my son stayed in the car but  the little industrious Asian princess continued trick or treating using an umbrella.

Aside from a bunch load of candies,  here's the other  Halloween goodies they got.

How about you, did you and your children enjoy the Halloween this year.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fear of Snake

This post brought to you by The Orkin Ecologist. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aside from worms, I am  totally scared of snakes.  I will tell you why.  When I was  growing up, we live in a farm.  My father used to  take care of a huge rice field and we were  a big part of from tilling the land to  planting rice and   during the harvest.  One day, I was  walking on the  side of the rice field when I saw the rice plants moving, I got curious and   and looked at it and OMG, it was a huge snake.  I ran and screamed to the top of my lungs and my father came  and he killed the said snake with a machete.  So yeah, aside from worms,  snake is my  biggest fear  as well.  

I don't know why, those critters that I am scared of, my kids aren't.  I am  gad that they are not like me.  As you can see in the photos below, they were folding the snake's skin that we found in the woods when we did our little nature trek  at a nearby  wooded area in our place.    Even just the skin scares me as I know that the owner of that skin is lurking around.
It's been two days now that my son keep looking at the scariest and deadliest bugs in the world at Orkin's website.  Ever since I showed it to him, he is so interested in  learning some of the bugs that he  is very interested with.    I must admit, The Orkin Ecologist has them all.  Now, I am not scared of spiders but the Goliath  Bird Eating spider  is kind of scary lol. Imagine a spider eating a bird, the thought is gruesome.  

If you would like to see some of the most venomous   critters in the world, visit Orkin Ecologist website.  You can also check them  out in Facebook and Pinterest.  Okay, be honest, are scared of  snake like me?  Speak out, I dare you hahaha.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Warrior Poet Clothier Fall Collection

I have worked with Warrior  Poet  Clothier before  showcasing their summer collection.

My son love the shirts  he got from them as it was soft and the great thing is that there is no tag at the back  which makes my son very happy.  Aside from that, their design is just perfect for boys like my son's age.

I am so  delighted to be given a chance to  to review  two of their Fall collection this time.    I have ordered one size bigger this time because every time I order him something, it is always just right and  he grow up  very  fast.  
I chose this "We Salute You" in  Dark Knight color and  in size small.  Looking at it, I think that is still a big big for my son so I decided not to show this to him yet.  This would be a perfect  gift to put under the Christmas Tree.

He love to sing so he would definitely like this design as it has a guitar at the back.

I also got this  Paisley Tie T-Shirt because he does not like tie before, he said that it looks goofy.  But then  he started using their new set of school uniform with tie and now he likes it.  So this would be a perfect new design of shirt for him to use.
I wrapped them up today and put it underneath the tree.  He immediately noticed it when  he came home from school.
Check out their Fall Catalog of different design.  They also introduce a new line which is the  Hoodies and Denim pants collection.  You can use  the code BL-Connect to  enjoy a 30% off your purchase.
I was going to ask if they  can send me the  denim and hoodie but they are not available.  I highly recommend  Warrior Poet Clothier  clothing for boys.  They are comfortable and they have lots of designs to choose from that you boys would surely love.  Thank you so much again Warrior Poet Clothier for  this opportunity.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT  financially compensated in writing the review.  The products mentioned above were  provided for FREE  for evaluation purposes.  

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