Monday, August 5, 2013

Dog Experience

When I was about  9 years old , I  had a horrible experience being chased by a dog.  I was passing by their house when the dog started  chasing me.   The owner thought it was funny but I was terrified as the dog was not  playing but he was ready to bite me.  It's very sad to know that there is no law against dog owners like that in my country.  If that would have happen here, you can hire any  san diego dog bite attorneys to represent your case.   I was really exhausted and almost passed out when the owner finally called  their dog.  It was  an experience I will never forget.

Family Car

Now that we have a bigger car, we  have been enjoying  road trips.  Hubby is actually surprised that the van  didn't use much gas  when we drove  to Davis West Virginia, a couple of weeks ago.
It's a lot comfortable for us to travel especially for the children as they can  crash/sleep in the back seat when they get tired (Don't worry he is  strapped in the seat belt).

Here's  the little Miss, enjoying the  cucumber slices that I prepared for snack for our road trip.  Whenever we go on a long trips, I always make sure to  slice some fresh veggies and fruits  for us to snack on.  It is healthier and a lot cheaper than  stopping at  food chains.

Our happy camper enjoying the ride.  Have a lovely  week  everyone!

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