Saturday, March 23, 2013

Face Wipes and Facial Moisturizer

 This is long overdue but because of Ms. Burrito's sickness, I wasn't able to concentrate on blogging for a while.  I am just glad that she has fully recovered  with the   bladder infection.  We are suppose to bring her to the hospital one last time for a blood work because her blood count is a little lower.  Her doctor wants to make sure that it will go up to normal.
Anyhow, you might  have remembered the  first review that me and my daughter did for  Ottilie and Lulu about the detangler shampoo and conditioner that they sent us for Ms. Burrito to use.  They liked the video that Ms. Burrito did so they sent her two more products to review.  
I will post her video again  sometime this weekend about her experience in using this clean skin face wipe  and everyday facial moisturizer.  She uses these whenever she is having her gym class in school.

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