Thursday, October 17, 2013

Artificial Tattoo

I am not into tattoo although I  have nothing against those people who does have tattoos.  I am glad that my  husband does not have one either.  Out of curiosity, we let  our kids  use the artificial tattoos that can be washed.  

Do you think  tattoo is a form of art?

How to Make Your Child Cooperate In a Tuition Class?

One common challenge that most parents face when it comes to subjecting their children to private tuition is getting them to cooperate. There is always that fear that the child might not appreciate and recognize the advantages that come with the tuition. Lack of cooperation will lead to both the child and the parent to be on the losing end. As a parent you have to acquire certain skills in order for you to get your child to commit and cooperate to tuition. It is always believed that parents know what is best for their children. This is why most parents in Singapore will actually go ahead and seek for tuition services without talking to their children first about it. Fine. You may notice that your child is in dire need of maths tuition but have you asked him or her of what he or she feels about it?

Maybe he has some other solution that doesn't involve O level additional Maths tuition. Communication is always the key when it comes to making decisions for your child. Do not impose tuition on them when they are not ready for it. It's advisable that you set specific expectations with your child before bringing up the whole tuition idea. For Instance if you notice a drastic drop in their results, you can talk to them on how it is important to make some improvements. You can give them the option of private tuition. If your child doesn't welcome that idea, set a target and make him or her pledge that in case they don't achieve it, they will have no other option than to go for a maths tuition. This is actually a good strategy for you at first give them a grace period to make things better. If your child still resists the whole tuition idea even after trying the first method, then maybe you need to give him or her a taste of it. Note I don't mean that you should impose it on him or her.

Try convincing him or her about the whole idea and have a tutor come in for a month just for them to have an experience. After that, both of you will make a decision on the next way forward. Make sure that the tutor is aware about the lack of cooperation the child might exhibit. This will enable him or her to know how to handle the child and make it a wonderful experience. At the end of the trial period the child will maybe see the importance of O level Additional maths tuition. Through it all you must never at any point make your child feel that you are punishing him by subjecting him to maths tuition. This will only frustrate both your efforts and the tutor's. You should communicate the whole idea to him in a manner that won't make him or her feel like a failure. Tell him or her that you have faith in them and that you believe they will improve within no time. Exercise patience and constantly encourage them. If you do all this, your child will welcome the whole idea of tuition and cooperate accordingly.

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