Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remembering Disney World

Meeting a family friend for the first is exciting, meeting them in Disney is magical!  I "met" Dhemz of Life's Perception and Inspiration  three years ago back when we were still in Korea and they lived in California.  Now that we are back in the States, they also moved and lives in  the beautiful State of Texas.
Anyhow, we decided to meet last year and Orlando Florida was our meeting place.  We spent most of our  one week vacation in Disney World.  Our kids had so much fun.  Now, the kids wants to go back  to Disney again and possibly meet their friend Akesha.

These are just some of the gazillion photos that  we had  with our magical moments in Disney World.  Special thanks to sistah Dhemz for the pictures!
Oh look at those happy faces,  they definitely  are overjoyed!

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