Monday, February 13, 2012

Entertainment for Kids

Due to the series of vaccination shots that Mr. Burrito had, he was skeptical to go to the doctor. However, there were red spots that was emerging from his feet so we had to bring him to the doctor again. Although it wasn't bothering him, we had to make sure that doctor could take a look at it to make sure. The doctor doesn't know what it is though so we came home empty and clueless.
While waiting  for us to be called, they spent time watching the fishes inside the  big aquarium.  The establishments's huge   fish tank or aquarium is  a very good entertainment for the kids while waiting in the lobby.
We have no idea   what these red spots are.  We gave him some  benadryl and it seemed to help a little bit.
When we came out  at the doctor's office, it was snowing very hard.
Our weekend was spent running errands and playing in the snow.  The kids  went sled riding at their Pap's  side yard.

Youth Leadership Graduation

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