Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Friend Forever

My BFF Amber is transferring to another school because they are moving to Pennsylvania. It is really sad to know that one of my friends is leaving my school again. Two of my very good friends during kindergarten has transferred to St. Paul this school year which made me very sad too.

We had a small  party  at our classroom today for Amber.  I am glad that I was able to  be with her  for two extra days during our school days off.  She came to my brother's birthday party and then we  went to the mall last Monday.  I will miss you my BFF!
The necklace  is a Christmas present that I received from her.  Thank you, I will treasure this forever.  I have two BFFs now that gave me  pink necklace.  My BFF Akesha lives  faraway from us and now my BFF Amber is also moving away.
My Mom took this picture of me and Amber  before the two of us said our  goodbyes and gave each other a hug.  I am sad that both of my BFF  lives far from me but I am happy that I met and spent time with them.  I hope that someday, we could still see each other.

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