Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chef and Restaurateur

Ever since "Santa" gave  Ms. Burrito her kitchen set, she  has been so interested with foods.  Both of the Burritos  has been pretending to  be chefs and restaurateur.  They  set up a booth at their bedroom which they named "Space Bar".  They would  "cook" different menus using their play dough and they would invite  us to eat.    They have prices on each so we pay real money and they put their cash in their piggy banks. 
Both of them are very business minded  and it always makes me and hubby smile.  Ms. Burrito love  watching Food Network.  Her favorite, which  also my favorites, are Chopped, Iron Chef America, Giada at Home, 30 minute meals, Cupcake Wars, Sweet Genius and more.
The photos above are their recent  creation  which they "served" us.

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