Tuesday, June 6, 2017

#JuiJitsu for Kids #SelfDefense #MartialArts

The kids have been taking  Jui-Jitsu for  three months now and they seemed to like it.  I am glad that they do because this would  help her defend  themselves in intense situation when  someone will try to attack them.  This also helps the children self discipline and a really good form of  exercise in general.  
Last night  was a fight night and  our young lady fought  three of them.  My husband said he  wasn't sure why  the coach let her fight again and again and then towards the end, they realized that  the coach  rewarded her  her first stripe in her belt.  That was a  nice treat for her because she got embarrassed when she got paired with one of the  bigger kids and slammed her face on the mat. 
 These two are so competitive with each other so  it made my son feel a bit  sad that he didn't get promoted like she did.  We told him  that he might  get his  some other time and  to just keep doing it.
 Our daughter follows direction to a T, she  is like her Dad  who goes with direction by the book, that's probably helped her a lot.
 Our son is  a carefree, happy-go-lucky  boy so sometimes, he forgets that you have to follow certain  and specific .rules in doing things.
Nevertheless, I am so proud of both of them for sticking into this kind of martial arts.  With how  crazy the world we live in is becoming into, it is advantageous to know some type of self defense and this would help  them to do that.  

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