Monday, May 23, 2016

Successful Volleyball Season

Yes, we are finally off  from school!!!  I am so excited to spend time home and  write some blog posts which I am only allowed on summer time when I am off from school.  This summer, I have something to look forward to, my tennis practise and decorating my own room, yes!  I can't wait till my parents are done working on the house so we can move in.  For the meantime, I am posting  the last two volleyball games that we had.  On May 3rd, we had  a game against  one of our own team, we played against the blue team which we won, sorry blue team!

 Then on May 5th, it was the gamer I was dreading because we were playing against  the team from St. Paul school.  They won against the blue team last time so I was kind of scared.  Mom and Dad kept telling me that we will be fine but I was still  scared.  
 Anyway, we had our pictorials before we  played against two teams from the  said school.  That was kind of a great thing that we had the pictorials because it relieved my stress a little bit.  We had time to goof around and  shook off our nerves.
 I never thought I would enjoy working with a team but I actually do, maybe because I love volleyball.  I like doing individual stuff but with volleyball, I love  working with my team mates.  Mom and Dad are right that I would develop sportsmanship playing this sport.  Teamwork rocks!
 As it turned out, we were lucky to won both games.  We were the undefeated team  this season.  Thanks to our great coaches who never failed to encourage us to be better.  I don't think our coaches get paid  for doing this so I admire and respect them for dedicating their time in  teaching us.  Coaches Doug and Julie are the best!
 Here are some more of the photos that my Mom  took.
I am looking forward to another  volleyball season next school year, I can't wait.  I am glad that  I have another  sport that I am beginning to love, tennis.  Piano lesson is also my regular activity this summer.  We just had our  recital yesterday and I will have to post about that next time.  Thank you for reading.  

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