Friday, October 26, 2018

West Virginia Warriors Team - Summer Volleyball Elite

During the summer, the volleyball coach from my daughter's school formed a  team to participate in the Pittsburgh Volleyball Elite teams.  This is the first time that the  school have done it so the girls were a bit nervous but it was a great opportunity for them to experience and participate to.  They actually did  really well, they lost some games but it was to be expected since those teams have been playing there every summer.  
They called their team West Virginia Warriors.  They were a bit intimidated going into the first game since they did not  know what to expect but after  they broke through their  nervousness, they were fine.  They were the only team from West Virginia.  I guess the coach knew someone from the Pittsburgh Volleyball Elite  so he asked if we could participate. 
It was a great summer practice for them, it became the continuation of their  season from the 7th grade.  It was also a great transition for their team to their 8th grade's volleyball season which just ended this month.
On their last game, an alumnus from Madonna High School who knows one of our coaches sponsored the team for an after-the-game picnic at Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, PA.  It was a beautiful country club with  great amenities such as tennis court and swimming pool.  
These photos were taken after they swam and had dinner.
It was nice of the  doctor who sponsored this event.  Everyone had fun  including us, parents who attended it.

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This year's volleyball season has just ended. They had lost games and also won some but hopefully they all learned skills so they would be able top play in High School. My daughter plan to continue playing if she meets the requirement. She love this sport, it's the only one that she plays.

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