Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Call to Serve

When I was growing up, we only go to church once a year because we lived in a remote area and we only celebrate mass during our patron saint's fiesta.  I didn't get to really exercise   the things  that  Catholic practices do until I was in college because I went to a catholic school.  Bu that doesn't mean, I don't pray.  Growing up, prayer gave me  strength.  I have to hold on to my faith because we grew up with barely anything.  My faith and of course hard work is what  got me through all the hardships and  trials in life.
Back in the day, I only see  boy altar servers, I don't think they allow   girl  servers  then.  When I was in highschool, I lived in a family of musician, they were all talented.  They played  different instruments and all of them have beautiful voices.  That inspired me to love music, I participate in choir at church when given a chance .  
Anyway,  when my children  showed interest in serving, I let them try it.  My daughter loves it.  My son serves with her but he  gets overwhelmed  when they have to serve constantly every Sunday.  My daughter  would prefer to serve when we are in church but my son  misses  sitting with us and I do miss them  sitting with us while we attend the mass.
There's very few children that wants to be altar servers so the schedule gets piled on to the  few ones that serves.  I told my kids especially my son that  it is a blessing and a privilege to serve so it is a little sacrifice that they can do an hour every Sunday for God.
When the new priest arrived  last year, a lot of changes took place including the  ways servers do stuff so that kind of made my son did not want to serve but he stick with it so I am very proud of both of them.  Their uniform have changed too, they used to wear white gown but with the new priest, they started  using  a black gown first then they were advanced to wearing a white top on top of the black gown.
I think it was Father's Day last year when the priest advanced them.  We didn't expect it but nevertheless, I captured the moment.  I always bring the camera in my purse so I managed to take some pics.  One of the parishioner asked me if I knew that this was going to take place and I told her that I didn't know.  She probably didn't believe me since I have the camera lol.
I think the advancement made them feel special.
I like that the priest acknowledges them as a big part of the mass celebration.
I took a picture of them with the seminarian after the mass.  
Priests are getting scarce these days.  I think if the catholic community would  let their priest get married and have a family like  other congregation, more and more men would  like to be a priest.  It takes a lot of dedication to be a priest.  I think the hard part of it is being alone but these are just my assumptions, I have never became a priest so I don't really know.   At church, we  always pray for men to  answer the call to serve and join the vocation.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Reviewing the Basics before Competing at a Serious Level

The years of training you have done as a competitive swimmer have afforded you a vast number of skills.  You may know swimming techniques that are beyond the understanding and capabilities of novice swimmers.  However, you may concentrate primarily on skills that you have yet to perfect yourself and still need to master before your next meet.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties with the butterfly stroke, breaststroke kick, or backstroke, you can get the intensive and one-on-one training you need by joining a facility designed for competitive swimmers like you.  You can also select the coaching staff who will be the greatest asset to you as you take your swimming to the next level.

Mastering All of the Swim Moves

As a competitive swimmer, you know that even the simplest moves can be crucial to your success in the lane.  Something as simple as the dead man's float could actually come in useful during a meet against a plethora of competitors. 

With that in mind, you do not want to let any of the mastered skills lapse from your capabilities as a swimmer.  If you do not practice them often, you could forget how to perform them in the pool. 

The coaching staff at the facility realizes how important it is to practice skills that may seem elementary and simple to you.  Your coaches may have you practicing strokes and kicks that you learned years ago simply to learn more about your techniques and to find out in what areas you are lacking as a swimmer.

They may do this review by recording you as you swim the lanes in the pool.  Once you are finished, you and your coaching staff can review the film and find out how your performance looks from the stands.  They can show you what you are doing right and what skills you still need to practice.  You may be surprised at your own results when you take advantage of this service available to swimmers like you at the facility.

The swim facility offers lessons for swimmers of all skill levels including swimmers like you who want to win at your next meet.  You can choose the coaching staff who will be an asset to you.  You can also work under coaches who drill the basics and review performances with swimmers who want to improve each time.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

6th Grader's End of the School Year Party 2017

I better write about the end-of-the-school-year party of my daughter's class before these photos turn one year old.  Their homeroom mom had in at the Library on the 21st of  May last year.  Yeah, I know, it's been a long time.  You can tell how I slow I am with writing things but, it's better late than never right?  
I truly admire the  volunteer mom/s  in making  sure that our children have fun  on special occasion and that the teacher is also given a little something special at the end of the school.  Teachers in private/catholic  school  aren't paid as much as the public schools.  If the  teachers in public school think that their salary is low, the salary of the teachers in  private school is  a lot less.  They spend their own money to buy the supplies  they need in the classroom and sometimes provide for the students as well.  That's why, we  want to show our appreciation to them by giving them something.
Homeroom Moms also contributes to the overall happiness and learning of the students, without them, the kids won't be enjoying  parties.  I have great respect  for them, I know I can't do what they do.  My kids  have been very lucky  to have great Homeroom Moms, all of them are doing a great job  making sure that all  the children in the class are having fun during special occasions. 
I thought the library was the  perfect place for the party as it was really decorated nicely. 
Isn't the big paintbrush a really  pretty display?  The library is also the art room for all the students so it make sense.
This was  the time when taking pictures of these  precious kids are  still  easy.  Fast forward  later, it is getting harder and harder to take pictures of them. 
This dou Moms  have a done a great job with the  6th graders last year.  They are also the  homeroom Moms for  the same calls (now 7th grade).  My daughter  love them, it's always fun when they are around.
Another Mom who is also a great homeroom Mom, she was their homeroom Mom last year so my son miss it that she isn't their Homeroom mom this year.
Mrs. Bischof  took over of the 6th graders last year when the former teacher resigned.  She did a great job  making the kids feel like normal again after an abrupt change in their class.
I love attending these parties because I get to talk to other Moms and to the students as well.  Knowing the kids  that  hang out with your own kids is  important.
Mrs. Arnold  really spoil these kids with the   divine cupcakes she always made.  She  can bake so good.  This is the reason why, I never volunteered to become a homeroom Mom because I can't bake.  These kids will get  store bought sweets if I become their Homeroom Mom lol.
We prepared a surprise birthday gift for the teacher.
All the kids signed the card and they all give  her a hug which made her cry.
After eating, we went outside the school and  they played for a while.  We took a group picture before we went back inside.
Slushy was served after the fun outdoors.
I even  took my husband with me since he was off that day.
I can't believe  these kids have grown so fast.  I can still remember when I first  drop off my  daughter in kindergarten, I was so nervous and felt sick leaving her there since she was always with me since she was born.  I didn't even put both of my kids in pre-school, I chose to teach them at home because I wanted them to stay.  I felt like they were too young to go to school.  I am so glad I did that because they value  the time  that they had with me learning the basic knowledge that they need in school.
Thank you very much Rose and Amy, you guys are awesome!
My daughter love her, she always call her "My Rylie".
Some of these kids left this year, they went to public schools but they also gained new classmates. 
This year, they have had  fun  activities  out of school.  One more year and they will be heading to high school, time really flies!  Glad I have plenty of photos to look back into.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Becoming a Young Eagle at Jefferson County Air Park

This post was long overdue.  The Young Eagles event happened  in September of last year but I  never got around to  write about it as  usual.  I am getting so bad at updating my blogs regularly with fresh event that  happen recently.  I got a wake up call to start  posting  the  photos I  captured when my PC crashed and all the photos I took was downloaded and stored in it.  So glad that the computer technician was able to  repair and restored all the photos, whew!  Now I am slowly working on  saving the photos and  writing   some of it.  
Anyway, Jefferson County Air Park  have hosted a Young Eagles  event  and we took our kids there.  Young kids who attended can enjoy a ride with a licensed pilot and  learn some basic skills on how to  fly a  small plane.  It was a great event, an open house  for the community.
It was a great opportunity and a unique experience for young minds.  There was   display  of  small planes which owned by local  pilots who regularly  fly in that air park. My husband  friend from his work told him about the event .  He owns a plane and  fly it regularly there during the weekend as his past time.
With our two children, our  daughter is the most adventurous.  She isn't scared to try anything.  With our son, he is more cautious when it comes this kind of  things especially when he has to go alone.  I think he would do it  if he would be with one of us but doing it alone is  a scary thing for him.  I mean, I would  have love to see him try it but I don't blame him for not trying.  Heights is not my cup of tea either  so I understand his reservations.  
Watching my daughter  go alone is a nerve-wracking  experience for me as a  mother.  I can't help but   pray for their safety while on air.  I prayed for the pilot that God may protect him so he would have a great flight with my daughter.  I think it is just a natural thing  for  parents.
Our daughter was calm and  collected as she  step on that  small plane.
This Young Eagles event gave young people to experience the true adventure  of flight.   She  told us that the pilot let her do it when they were up in the air which scared her but she said it was a lot of fun.
According to her, the pilot made her so relaxed by telling her stories about his grandchildren.

She said that the pilot asked her where she lives and  when she told him, they flew over   the place where our house was and  she said it was the coolest  thing,  to see  our house from up there was quite an experience.  She was all smiles when she  came back. 

She said that she would do it again if given a chance.  Hopefully they would  host this event again  in few years and  our son would be courageous enough to try.
She was so embarrassed when they came back because she was interviewed by Alex Taylor of News 9, who was there to cover the event.  She was so  concern of how her appearance was because her  hair was a mess.

We explored the  display of small aircrafts on the other side before we  left.
Our son is funny, he said he feels a lot safer  just standing beside a plane.
He was more interested in investigating the different parts of the  plane which is fine because it was also a learning experience for him.
Kudos to this  young  lady right here for being so brave and adventurous. She became a Young Eagle whose name has been permanently entered in the  world's largest logbook at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin.   
She was given a certificate for flying.  I put it in a frame and hang it on  her  bedroom wall, it fit perfectly with a theme she chose to decorate when we first moved in to this home. 

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