Tuesday, December 26, 2017

St. Joseph School Choir Sung at St. Joseph Church #Christmas2017

The St. Joseph Choir sung beautifully during the mass at St. Joseph church.  Mrs. Bernardi really did a great job in  coordinating all of these songs with the group of students.  I think masses are extra special when the choir are children, would you agree?
I don't go out  right away after the mass because I love taking pictures of the kids after the celebration.  Here's our daughter with her friends.  These lovely girls will be in 8th grade  next school year,, whew, where did the time go?  I can still remember the very first day I dropped my daughter off to school in kindergarten, I felt sick to m,y stomach as I walked away from school.  
The  church was well decorated for the season.  Lots of  beautiful poinsettia and a big nativity scene alongside a tall Christmas tree. 
The choir was  required to come  an hour early so they could practice before the mass starts.  I don't know how  the music teach can pull this amazing performances because they only have little time to practice with their  recess from here and there.  I really admire her  patience and  dedication in putting this all together.
These kind of performances really give the children boost of   confidence in performing in public setting.
My little guy look so handsome with his attire.  This little man is turning eleven years old in few weeks.  Whenever I shop for his Christmas gifts, I also shop for his birthday presents.  He said it is his favorite time of the year because after the Christmas presents, he will get  birthday presents a couple of weeks after that.
I think that sending  our children to a  small school has it's advantages.  Most of the kids are close and they get along so well.
Our son was  complaining about  me taking so much pictures after the mass lol.  I couldn't keep him to pose  for me.
Glad our daughter is up to it.  It's amazing how some of them got so tall and big all of the sudden.  Our daughter said that she's the only one that's not growing lol.  I told, it might be a good thing.  
They were friends  since kindergarten so they are very  close.  We did not send our children to pre school, I chose to teach them at home all of the basic that they could learn going to school at  that age.  I think we did good on that, they are both smart and seemed to not miss anything by not going to preschool in school.
Ahhh one more year and I will have a high school student.  
It was hard  recording a video since we were seated at the back but here are some of the videos.  The parochial priest, Fr. Dennis, started the mass by singing the Alleluia.  
Hark the Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
I hope that all of you had a great Christmas.  I wish you all a joyous and prosperous new year.  May it bring  good health and  lots of joy to your home and personal lives!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Falloween Fun Celebration at St. Joseph School

I know Halloween is over  and Fall is almost to an end but I would like to  share  this wonderful event  at my  children's school dubbed as Falloween.  The  parent organizers did a really great job setting this all up.  Every class has a booth that parents have decorated and we  divided all the candies that the school have   collected  from the parents.  I think every booth  was  decorated beautifully.
St. Joseph is a catholic school so all the theme are related to God.  It's always fun to have a little twist to traditional Holidays like Halloween.  "Life is bootiful with Jesus"
"Owl you need is Jesus"
"Let's get batty and step up to the plate, God is calling"
"Hand picked by God"
"Wrapped in the love of Jesus"

A photo booth was set up for class pictures.
There were lots of games played after the students were done trick or treating from all the tables.
Before Falloween, students were provided  some pumpkins and they painted them.  It was a contest  and judged by  someone who was not from the school.  My  son's clas (5th grade) was the winner.  They designed their pumpkins like donuts.
"Donut Worry, God is always with you"

I think the smurf pumpkins are cute.
I thought the pumpkin designed as candy corns are cute.  Take a look below.
More  designs  from other classes.
My kids  are now 10 and 12 and they don't want  those  store bought costume anymore.  They  made their own this year.  My daughter love sushi so she made herself look like sushi lol.
Their original plan was  to dress up like their favorite characters in Regular show but decided to scrape the idea.  My son  just used her JuiJitsu uniform.
Kids and teachers were all involved in this event.  There was a game where in two students  have to wrap  a teacher into a mummy.  The winners received their prices for  free uniform the next day.  The kids wear uniforms everyday so  having a  No Uniform pass is a great deal for them.
My son's class and their teacher, Ms. Boyd.
The school principal, priest, and  teachers.
Photo opp I had with a close friend of mine.  She's always involved with  every event in school.  The most down-to-earth person I've met here in the US.
My husband took a day off that day so he could be at the event.
It was a great opportunity too  for me to bond with him.  I was assigned to take pictures of the event so he watched  on the bench while I was busy.
My daughter is the littlest in her class. All her classmates are tall so she always feel so small.  I told her, that's what she get for having a  tiny  Asian Mom lol.
Photo opp with Deacon Vince.
The West Virginia Northern College  sent their mascot to add some entertainment for the kids.
Overall, it was a success.  Kudos to the organizers.  I think most of the parents pitched in and helped that's why it was a success.  It's nice when everybody helps.  There were lots of snacks  served after the trick or treating and games.  Everything was also donated by parents.

Does your children's school host an event like this too?  Please share your experience.

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