Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jesus is the LIght of the World - Experience Day

In February 7th (this past Saturday), our son EJ,  attended  the Experience Day in preparation for their  first Reconciliation.  The activity aimed to  prepare the kids before they go on their  very first confession.  It aimed to  give the kids a full understanding through experiencing what's the importance of asking forgiveness to  sins.
 They did  different kinds of activities including  making   bread, reading of the Bible, and they did religious arts and crafts,
 There were Mom volunteers who helped facilitate the event.  They also served  snacks for the kids.
 This year's first communicants is  a small number compared to the previous years.
 It is sad to think that  there are so many kids these days but only few are active or involve with religious-related  activities like this.
 I admire  the second  grade teacher for her dedication in molding  and teaching the kids about this important   milestone of their lives.
 I love the poster that the kids made.  They each  made a paper candle and put it in a big poster.
"Jesus is the Light of the World".

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