Friday, September 25, 2015

Growing Up so Fast

I can't believe that my first born is becoming a little lady already.  She is now 10 years old and think that she knows everything lol.   
 Rye Bean is not  interested in doing any kind of sports although she plays with us most of the time. She is scared to try out for any sports because of her size.       She is so petite compared to girls  of her age.
 She wanted me to take some pictures of her by her tree.   We planted this tree when she was 2 years old.  This is tree.
 The tree has grown and so is she.
 I am glad we were able to salvage this tree from those killer net worms.
 Both of our kids are physically strong.         We make sure that we involve them to  our  fitness routines.
 Here she is doing pull ups.
 And here she is showing her gun lol.     I AM proud of you kiddo!
Happy Natuional Daughter's Day Anak, we love you verymuch!

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