Wednesday, June 21, 2017

End of the School Year Party for 4th Grade and a Darling Voxbox

On May 22nd, a good friend of mine who was the homeroom Mom  in 4th grade class  planned an end of the school year party for the kids.  She invited me to come which I gladly did.  I always  want to see my children in school.  I used to volunteer  but   I didn't do it with this school year because of the many things we were busy at  during the move to our new home.  I miss seeing the kids regularly.  Maybe next school year, I will be able to depending on the projects that we are doing at home.  
But anyway, back to the party I was talking about.  This is why I like the school where my children goes to because the population is small  so it's a tight knit community where most of parents knows everybody.  It is also advantageous  for the kids because the teachers can really give each students an ample of   time to hone their  skills and academic development.  I love that they  don't only focus on academics but also spiritual and  social aspect as well.
 We served the kids  Jojo potatoes,  chicken strips, and fruits and veggies.
I still remember when my  son just started kindergarten, everyone of these kids were little but now they are growing up.  Some of them are  taller than me already, whew.  That's why I am called the Tiny Mom with a camera lol.
My son  is very  happy that he  found a best friend in this guy.  EJ said that he is  lucky that Josh transferred to their school because they get along so well.
This year, the school is incorporating some new gadgets in the classroom.  Each students will have their own Chromebook.  It is a mandatory thing.  I am thinking of  buying  my kids their own instead of   paying for what the school has, we  will just need to pay for the technology fee.  This way, they can  have their Chromebook back and use it again the next year if it's still in good condition.  I dunno, I am just weighing the pros and cons.  I will decide when it's time.  I am  starting to look for  deals online.  Any tips  on Chromebook?
These kids are growing up right before my eyes.
Right after the party, I  stuck around in the classroom.  The teacher was probably wondering why but we planned a secret baby shower for her since she is pregnant with her first baby.  The 4th grade parents  came together and brought some snacks and gifts.
One of the Moms made these drinks, I thought they were cute.  She said she saw the idea on Pinterest.
The homeroom Mom made these cupcakes as well.
It was a nice little  set up.  We  put all of these together when the class and the teacher was in the other room.  We  talked to one of the teachers to  work  with us on this so  it would be a complete surprise for her and it turned out great.
Getting  pregnant for the first time is very exciting but it also comes with a big expense so  having a baby shower   is a way to  get some things that you need when the baby arrive.
My son's teacher is very nice, she made  learning so much fun that all of her students love her.  I think that's the kind of teacher every classroom should have.

Opening the gifts was   fun.  All of her students crowd around her and helped her  open  every one of the  presents.
The homeroom Mom had one box of diapers and each of the diaper has writing of the students on it.  Messages like "You're cute but this stinks", "Dad it's your turn" and all that  funny stuff that would make  Mom and Dad smiles when they are changing the baby's diaper.
I did not  buy any gifts because I know that  all of the  Moms  that's attending are and I know that at some point, there will be  doubles or similar things that she will get so I just bought a gift card, that way she can buy whatever she still needs for herself or the baby.
My son is very fond of her teacher and he is so excited that she is  having her first baby.  
Boys will be boys, it's fun to take pictures of them.
I wish that I could have gotten the Darling Voxbox from Influenster a day early before the  baby shower, I could have given her the baby stuff that was in there.

The baby gentle moisture tearless shampoo and wash from Live Clean would have been perfect to use when the baby arrive.   I will just give this to a friend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl as well.
Warmer weather means  outdoor activities.  I am always outside working on things with the kids so having a  energy gummies to take  after I ate breakfast is  awesome.  I am down to 6 pieces  since I got this and it  really keep my energy high while working in our yard or doing something with the kids.
The Darling Voxbox includes a coupon for one tub of of  Country Crock butter.  My daughter love to bake and she definitely put it to good use which makes  my son very happy as he love the oatmeal cookies that his sister makes.

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There is also a sample pack of the Duncan Hines Perfect Size for one which she devoured for herself lol.

I love the Mineral 89 Hyaluronic acid face moisturizer from Vichy. It's a great product to use on your face after a long day outside and relax your face after cleaning it. It feels so good.   This Hyaluronic acid fortifies your skin and make it resistant to visible aging caused by pollution, stress to skin, and fatigue.

I also love the Therapy session hair mask from Eva NYC.  It's a deep conditioning treatment that repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair.  

Disclaimer: All the products in the Darling Voxbox was sent to me by Influenster  as  complimentary  for testing purposes  but  the opinions are 100% of my own.

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