Friday, November 30, 2012

Recycled Arts

My Burritos likes to recycle things like empty bottles,  paper towels rolls, and just about  any empty containers at home.  They made these empty bottles into some cute  characters that represent their friends and  classmates.
What do you think of their creations?

Creating a Gift Registry for your Baby Shower

A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s upcoming arrival and to get some much needed items for your nursery. However, putting together a gift registry can be an intimidating process, especially for first time moms. The good news is that with a few handy tips, creating your gift registry is a breeze. Companies such as New Arrivals Inc make it quick and easy – and fun.

 Start with the Basics

 No matter what, your baby is going to have certain basic needs. We all eat, sleep and wear clothes – your baby included. Keeping this in mind, you’ll need to choose items accordingly:

 A place to sleep – You have several options ranging from a bassinette to your own bed. However, two popular options are a crib and a portable bed (such as Graco’s Pack N’ Play). A crib is the traditional choice and if you choose a convertible crib, it’s a choice that can grow and change as your baby does. A portable bed is also a popular option both for travel and everyday use. Many families choose to have both.

 Food to eat – No matter if you plan on bottle or breast feeding, there are still plenty of items you will need. A large pillow (such as a Boppy pillow) is a great item and burp cloths are a must. Formula fed babies will need plenty of bottles and the wherewithal to clean and sterilize them. Breast feeding moms will appreciate having a pump and storage containers for milk.

 Diapers – Whether you choose disposable diapers or a diaper service, you’ll still need something to put on your baby’s bottom. You’ll also need plenty of wipes along with a container for soiled diapers. 

Clothes to wear – Babies go through a lot of clothing – much more than you would think. Between spitting up and diaper explosions, your baby can go through more clothing changes than Lady Gaga during a live performance. You can never have too many onesies.

 Have a Little Fun

 Once your baby’s basic needs are covered, why not have a little fun? After all, there’s more to putting together a nursery than taking care of bare essentials. Indulge your baby and yourself with a stylish nursery decorated with a fun theme such as nature, a favorite story character or a pleasing color palette. After all, you and your baby deserve the best.

Youth Leadership Graduation

Each year, Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a Youth Leadership for sophomore students different schools in Weirton and nearby counties...