Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Balloons - Color Connection # 8

Mom and Dad bought 6 birthday balloons during my birthday. Each balloons represents each year of my age. They also made 6 menus of foods. Thanks Mom and Dad and thank you everyone for the greetings and gifts.

Mushroom Shoes

UnisexAside from school shoes, we also ought our daughter  a gym shoes.  They need to take off their  uniform shoes when they have to play in the gym or  when they have to go outside during their recess.  We bought our daughter  a pair of a brand name shoes that was on sale at one of the  big shoe store in Ohio.  I do however think that we still paid too much for it although it was on a sale price.  I found some  beautiful colors and designs of converse double tongue sneaker for kids by browsing the  online stores from Become.  This converse infant chuck Taylor double tongue sneaker is so cute and is priced down  for  $24 only at Karmaloop.  Pretty cute isn't it?

Kulin By Privo
On the left side are some of the mushrooms shoes for women that I like at the Tog shop, an online shop that is also listed at Become, Shopping your Way website.  It is so nice that there are website like  Become that makes  online shopping more convenient. You can find mid top shoes and   many other kinds of  of shoes  by visiting their website.  You can then choose which  price and design you want from different stores that are  listed at Become.

Grand First Birthday

We attended Sophie's birthday party last Saturday. We had so much fun because Tita Raquel hosted some fun games for us kids. I thought that Sophie's first birthday was very grand and fabulous!
My cousin Gracie.
With Tita Edna, Tita Raquel, and Sophie.
Some treats.
New playmate we met at the party.
We had a GREAT day at the party!

P.S. from Aeropostale

Kids are very particular with what they wear.  Sometimes I get frustrated when I am trying to buy something for my   daughter because she is very picky.  There are so many selections in the store and   it is overwhelming which one would be the perfect one for her.  It's nice that Aerpostale has many selection of  clothes for girls.  My daughter is only 6 years old so I like the P.S. from Aeropostale section at their website.  Right now they are having a 50% off sale for labor day so if you are looking for some deals, try to visit the link above.

I am glad that my daughter is wearing  uniform everyday now.  Last year, we have to buy her different clothes to wear in her kindergarten class.  Wearing  uniform is much cheaper compared to wearing different clothes everyday.  Next year, our son will start going to kindergarten too so I am thinking of just letting him wear a uniform.  I am j not so sure if he would like though hehehe.  Anyhow, have a  fabulous day of shopping at Aeropostale and enjoy the sale while it lasts.  I am planning to buy some winter clothes for my son  because he is getting big.  Some of his  clothes from last year are getting small on him.


The very best online masters in psychology from the finest accredited online colleges couldn't tell you more about your children than spending the afternoon with them.

Here are some of the photos I took when we first went to Tomlinson Run this year. Exploring the nature and interacting with critters are one of the many things that brings happiness to my kids.
They truly love outdoors so during warm season, we make sure to let them explore the woods.
This state park is 30 minutes away from our home but we drive there all the time just so the kids can make the most out of the warm weather. It's also agreat opportunity for us to to express how much we care for them.
Material things can make them happy but the true happiness comes from the attention and TLC that you give to your kids. Soon, they would detach themselves from you and you would wish that you could have spend more time with them while they need you.
"Happiness is a by-product of helping others. No man ever finds happiness by thinking of himself."
-Royden G Derrick-

Sleeping Bag Buds

I finally got to meet the one who sent me this lovely gift for my birthday. Thanks a lot Akesha, I miss you already. We stayed at CLARION Inn in Orlando, it is located near Disney World.

I use this sleeping bag and pillow most of the time. My brother borrows it too sometimes.
Thanks everyone for visiting.

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