Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cat in a Hat

The first graders have celebrated Dr. Seuss day on the last day of February.  They were allowed to  wear  costume but I did not have time to buy my son one so  he went  to school with his school uniform.  When he came home that day, he was wearing a hat so I took some photos of him of course hehehe.
So here's my  cat in a hat,  a happy one.
Dr. Seuss day is another fun day for  small kids to celebrate.  They  watch a movie and read books about Dr. Seuss.

EmbarK¹² Family of Preschool Programs by K¹²

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One of the families we know in the area asked me some  details about  my children's school.  Their eldest child is about to  start going to school soon.  They are  not sure if they would  put their child to the pre-school program.  I told them to check out the Kindergarten readiness programs by K12. Try a sample activity today.  I am not sure if  they would be able to do it though because they are both  working but they have a nanny that could assist their kids on this stuff.  
I am so glad that I am able to find   something that I can do at home to earn extra income because it gave me an opportunity to be a hands-on Mom for my kids.  I taught them both at home during their pre-school years and  we all love the result.    I just wish that I could have had an idea that there is an EmbarK12 Online - Over 830 interactive activities to engage your preschooler.  I could have  taught my children more things but  I guess what me and my husband taught them was good enough because they  are doing great in school.  If you ever want to  avail the EmbarK¹²  Family of Preschool Programs by K¹² , you can use the promo code EmbarkEspecial to enjoy a 50% discount.  
You can check out the EmbarK12 Comprehensive- Online and hands-on preschool program for your early learner. To find out more about their program, you can watch the video below.

Readers Digest Turned into Fish

I found this old Reader's Digest at our bookshelf and thought of turning it into something artsy. I found a video how to make a fish out of magazine so that's what I did.  I put this  craft fish at my Dad's   computer desk and he likes it.  This is very easy to do.  I love browsing Youtube videos on crafts because I learned a lot of stuff.
What do you think?

Youth Leadership Graduation

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