Friday, April 29, 2022

Our Daughter's Junior #Prom and Her #Date + her #EpicFall

Despite her epic fall, she had fun and that’s what matters…

Madonna High School had the Promenade yesterday.  She was very excited and anxious at the same time leading to the Prom.  The thing that she was nervous about happened, she fell! The steep stairs of the stage they had to go down to didn't do her long dress  a favor but she recovered in a true #fashion. It reminded me of those #beauty #pageant moments when a contestant falls and come back up with smile in their faces.   
She bought this sage green dress at Windsor.  It's a little long but it fit her well.  I was going to cut it  and tailored it to her length but she said it's okay.  It eventually caused her to fall.  Her Dad cautioned her to pick up the trail of her dress coming down the steps coz she almost strep on it but I guess she didn't remember to do that coming off the stage.
I think it did taught  every couple that followed them to lift the trail of their dresses and be very cautious in coming off the stage.  It just unfortunate that she went first and fell.  She said that they messed up the handshake routine and it made her nervous so she went down forgetting about her dress being long.  I will say though that her being a volleyball player played a big role of her not face planting, she fell on her knees instead.
She went with Sonny, a new guy from their class who transferred sometimes in October from Iowa. He's a good-mannered kid, very respectful  and  he gets along with my son because they know each other from playing basketball in school.
She did her own makeup since I have no idea when it comes to make up and cosmetics lol.  She watches YouTube tutorial videos on how to do these things.  Her hair was done by Legal Hair and her nails was done by a nail salon.
They practiced some more with their handshake routine before we left home.
We had time so we took a lot of photos.
The white roses bouquet was gorgeous.
They wore a matching sunglasses which helped their vision blocked the spotlight that they shone when they were on the stage.
She wanted us to come with her when they went to her date's house where we met his Uncle and Aunt.

From there, we went to a friend's house where they took more photos.
Of all the photos, I think this one is my favorite.
I also love this one.  They look very comfortable with each other.  She said they had fun at the dance.

As they come out the school to ride the limo bus going to Oglebay where the dance would be, I managed to take few more shots of them.
Here is her  epic fall caught on cam.   There's a lot of Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda moments there but I think it's okay, it will surely go down as the most memorable of that whole Prom event.  Not a good memory on her part but they can look back at it in the  future and laugh about it.   I am sure she's very embarrassed but  she will remember this for sure.  It taught her a lesson what to do on her next prom just in case she wear a long dress again and have to go down a stairs.  Maybe next year, the set up will not be like this year though, it was dangerous in my opinion.

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